Primate Elijah Ayodele’s End-of-The Year Shocker!

Primate 2
*Saudi Arabia Will Be Attacked
*Top Pastor And Islamic Scholar Will Die
*Ekiti Gov. Fayose Will Be Attacked
*I Foresee A Nigerian Footballer Dying On The Field
Man of God and Founder and Spiritual Head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has just released the end-of-the-year messages in which he as usual warns nations and individuals not to relent in seeking the face of God in every situations, as he says, it is the only way tragedies of all kinds can be averted. In the past, the respected seer had giving predictions many of which came to pass. Some of these include the warning that the PDP would not survive its March 28, 2015 collapse and that even the current ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) would be split.
In that famous prophecy of January 14th 2015, Primate Ayodele had said;  “President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term is dicey. He will start some political abracadabra in order to gain his second term which will be characterized by so much of negotiations. He will have to cajole and beg a lot of people; he will also beg Obasanjo. What Nigerians see now is only a tip of an iceberg of the clash that will come between Obasanjo and Jonathan. Jonathan might be the last president of PDP to rule this country, anyway.” He had said emphatically then that, “Jonathan will not win in 2015. In this magazine of Tuesday, September 25 –Monday October 1, 2012 on page 5, he said “President Jonathan’s 2015 ambition will break the governors into factions” and that Governor Mimiko should not leave the Labour Party for the PDP. Primate Ayodele has said further that the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Emefele will go and has asked the South West and South East to be watchful about incidents of bomb blasts. He however said that, “We have defeated Boko Haram but we should work more against non-Boko Haram terrorists.”
The Primate spoke on the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, prophesying dumping APGA.   He warned that Obiano’s dumping APGA will plunge him into trouble. Below is the latest predictions by the man of God.  
“The security issue is going to cause a lot of indictment and even the present security situation in this country because there are lots of factors that will not want Buhari’s December deadline to be achieved.
If Buhari is putting pressure on the military, they will fail. Our soldiers, the only way they can fight and succeed is through the air. Ii is the Air Force that will fight and win, not our land troops.
The Boko Haram has enough weapons to fight the army. It is better through the air strike, which will cost the Boko Haram a lot of causalities.  I don’t see Nigeria fighting Boko Haram again; we are fighting a group deadlier than Boko Haram. I foresee religious crisis and ethnic crisis; we have to be very careful.  I see another constitutional confab still coming. From the spiritual realm, Nigeria is tired of going as one nation. It is either we change the modalities, whereby we will have regional governments or we have a separate nation. This is what God has shown me. Anybody might condemn this prophecy, or say anything about it. The truth will be reveal much later.  I see more groups agitating for Nigeria’s dismemberment. I see protests here and there.
I see that there will be changes in the army, air force, navy and even in the National Intelligent Service, because there will be a report and they will not want that report to be made public. The report is going to cause a lot of rancour among the security agents. So, we have to be watchful.
At the same time, DSS will be sued, army will be sued and the police will be sued. It is a year that much is going to be done in the Nigeria Police, in the DSS and in the army. I see more people being exposed for corruption that will shock Nigeria.
I foresee fresh crisis between Nigeria and some neighbouring countries. There will be issues that will come up that will not be favourable to these countries. So, the issue of a joint force is going to cause a lot of problems. So, the issue of security will still need a lot of prayers. Churches have to go into prayers because I see serious crisis in the land.
I see problem in Egbin and Kainji Dam that will affect the electricity. I see crisis in the petroleum sector whether the government removes subsidy or not. I see crisis in Customs. Some Customs officers will face queries. And some will lose their offices. I also see crisis in the Immigration. I see new seaports in Nigeria. Let us pray. Let’s pray we don’t lose any Emir. Emir of Kano, Emir of Niger should be prayerful over their health. I see people who are close to President Buhari fighting him. I foresee the government trying to jail some corrupt top people. Let’s pray we don’t lose any deputy governor. Let’s pray we don’t lose a one-time governor and minister. Governor of Jigawa State and Governor of Enugu, Niger and Adamawa should pray to have good health. I see Ekiti governor Fayose facing security challenges. He must watch and pray over his life. Let’s pray against fighter jet crash. Let’s pray helicopter crash. I see Nigerian Union of Teachers going on strike. Let’s also pray against an Air Force plane crash and local aircraft crash as well.  I see Saudi Arabia being attacked and I see serious violence there.
The issue of food; there will be inflation and famine. We should be working against it and be very watchful. Government will invest more on agric, but in our own country, the cost of food price will be very high. Even flour, pepper, tomato, onions, all of these will be costly. There are some can foods that will be banned and I see changes in NAFDAC. I see Guiness running into troubles. The management should be prayerful. I see Guiness rebranding. There are some issues that will be coming up in NDLEA too, and I foresee changes in NDLEA..
In the aspect of health, we must pray against unexpected diseases. Polio is not fully eradicated. Cholera and Ebola, I said it the last time, they are still coming back, unless we seek the face of God. These diseases have not been totally eradicated in Africa. African governments must watch out and pray. 
Journalists must pray so that we don’t lose any seasoned journalist through accidents and attack.  And let’s pray that any media house doesn’t go up in flames. I see militant groups wanting to bomb the pipe lines. Government must not tamper with the amnesty programme because I see a lot of problems. I see some Niger Delta leaders facing corruption charges and I see all of these causing problems. I see some of the kidnapped Chibok Girls being released. I see government finding out their whereabouts. I see the Police Pension Commission being probed.
There will be an attack on Israel. President Netanyau of Israel needs prayer. Israel and America will have issues over Palestine State matter. Lebanon will have crisis. Lufthansa Airlines will run into debts. The air hostesses of KLM Airline will go on strike. I see aviation fuel being scarce. Chief Olu Falae and Pa Lanihun Ajayi should pray over their health. I see lots of changes in CBN. CBN governor, CBN deputy governor and other top officials should pray, as I see their seats being threatened. I see imminent inner changes in CBN. I don’t foresee the devaluation of the naira. There will be another policy.
The EFCC chairman should be very careful so as not to be indicted. Judiciary will face crisis. I see Bakassi issue still coming up. I see changes in African Union leadership.
Naira will continue to be depreciating. I see some commercial banks collapsing and new ones will come up. Let’s pray we don’t lose any senior officer in CBN.  Then some banks like Zenith Bank, GTB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, they should be careful not to be indicted and also fined. They must be very careful and hey must pray against robbery and law suits. There will be a change in the FCMB at the top. Let us pray that that no bank goes up in flames. Likewise, I see some insurance companies facing challenges.
I see changes at the Port and the football house. There will be strike over this. Besides, I see changes in the Nigeria’s club side. They can win a cup for Nigeria if they are serious. I see government changing policies on Bureau de Change. I see the booming of Nigeria’s mineral resources.
I see market being burnt down. Onitsha market; also in Oyo State. Water will cause a lot of problems. Government will want to try on this. INEC will face challenges. The PVC in the future will cause serious problems. 2016 is a year that Nigeria to be very prayerful because I see so many things happening in the year that will be very challenging. We must pray against austerity measure. I see electricity being shared among communities very soon. That’s what the Lord has shown me. I see the office of the Attorney-General facing challenges. AU will face challenges over funds. I see changes in ECOWAS.
I see bomb scare at UN offices around the world. The US Democrat party must field a credible candidate to succeed President Obama, otherwise, the party may lose to Republican party. Ghana must be careful because I see terror scare. I see problems in Angola and Cote D’Ivoire. I see tension in Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Ondo, Lagos, Kwara, Ogun, Osun, Imo, Kano, Niger and Adamawa State. These states must pray very well. The governor of Anambra will find it very difficult to retain his seat for a second term. I see a new political party coming up because I don’t see APC and PDP going too far. I see a Northern agenda playing out in two years’ time. I see reforms and retrenchment in the civil service. INEC will be criticized over the next general elections. I do not see the success of the Treasury Single Account. I see it causing corruption. Government must be careful over it. I see some former Nigerian leaders facing health challenges. Iyorchia Ayu should pray over his health. Former sports minister, Ebitimi Banigo, should also pray against health challenges. There will be flood in some states and bomb attacks in Plateau State. Let us pray against Fulani and Hausa crisis in Benue. I see cattle rearers fighting in Benue.
Chief Alex Duduyemi and Chief Sunny Odogwu should pray over their health. I see pirates’ problems in riverine areas. Benue farmers should be watchful of fight. I see death of popular Islamic scholar and a top pastor. Let’s pray against losing a Nigerian footballer on the field. I see the federal government’s website being hacked. I see mass sack at NNPC. Let’s pray against water borne diseases. Nestle Foods will rebrand. Coca Cola will experience fire outbreak at its plant. I see landslide in China, Indonesia and Japan.  I see an attack on Turkey. I see a disagreement on a controversial bill between the House of Representatives and the Senate. I see a staff of Aljazeera TV being kidnapped. They should pray very well.”