“Government must intervene in maritime” …Iyalaje Toyin Kolade

Ilesha-Osun State born founder of Fisolak group of companies and MD/CEO of Rashkol International Logistic ltd, Apapa, Lagos, Princess Toyin Kolade otherwise known as Iyalaje of Apapa is a known public figure. In this interview with Assistant Editor, AKIN SOKOYA, urges the government to solve the problems facing the maritime industry, her upbringing, family life among others.
Could you please tell us the challenges the maritime industry is facing since the emergence of the new government?
Firstly, this dollar issue is affecting the economy. Without the foreign currency, our customers can’t pay us in naira to buy their market. It’s now N285 to 1 dollar and as well, buying of forex is affecting our business without open of MEM and Some of the regular items that people buy from us is banned from the forex. The items include rice, tiles, pampers and others; altogether they are 41 items. If Federal government can help us to open domiciliary account and forex, everything would be better for us.
Again, I want to plead to the Federal government to help us in maritime. Tankers are disturbing our business in Apapa, it takes so much time between 4-5 hours to get to Apapa on daily basis because of the bad roads coupled with tankers activities on that routes. We would really appreciate it if the tankers activities are relocated to another area. This would help those who want to clear their containers to do so in a day if the roads are free from heavy traffic because people are being given 48 hours to clear their containers. We thank the governor of Lagos state for his efforts to put things right on Apapa roads, he shouldn’t relent. May God bless him.
As a very busy businesswoman, how do you play the role of wife and mother alongside meeting the demands of your job?   
You must be faithful to your husband and obey to the rules of the house. I thank God for the love that radiates in my matrimonial home; there is so much love between me, my husband and my family. I want to advice every married woman that they should put their matrimonial home first before anything. I create time for my husband and family in spite of my tight busy schedule.
As a philantropist, what really motivated your gesture?
God! God only.
Who motivated your upbringing?
My parents. I came from a good family background where discipline is the keyword.We were taught how to achieve good things in life with hard work, how to be faithful and how to be close to God.
How passionate are you about fashion?
I love fashion and like to look good always with good attires, good shoes and jewelries.
How would you define your style?
Elegance best describes my style.
Looking back, what are those things you considered the high point of your career?
Everything I have laid my hands upon has been given me joy, glory be to God.
Could you give us an insight into your background?
I hail from a royal family at Ilesha in Osun State. I’m from Atakumosa royal home. I am born and bred Ijesha woman but my husband hails from Ogun State.
How do you feel being a grandmother?
I feel happy. God has been so good to me.
When was your happiest moment in life?
Everyday of my life is a happy moment for me.
As a society woman, do you attend all the parties you are invited to?
No, i can’t be at every event.
What fashion accessory can’t you do without?
What kind of jewelry can you not do without?
I can’t talk further on this because of armed robbers.
Do you work out, if you do, how regularly do you do that?
I do that everyday.
What do you do at your spare time?
I don’t have spare time; I’m always busy round the clock.
Is there anything people don’t know about you that you want them to know?
Yes, I want them to know l’m a prophetess.
What determines the kind of outfit you wear?
The event I want to attend determines my outfit.
Which event shaped your childhood?
I can’t remember anyone for now.
What are your hobbies?
I love cooking, reading and dancing.
Where do you go for vacation?
I don’t go for vacation except i travel on business trips.
Do you have any plan to start an NGO in the future?
I have my NGO running but i have not being making noise about it. It’s about touching people’s lives in many ways; make them smile but why should i make noise about it.
When was your most embarrassing moment as a society lady?
I don’t have any. People don’t look down on me.
You seem to love music a lot and your name is on the lips of every musicians, do you give them money to sing-praise you?
No. They just sing-praise me in their album without my consent and later somebody who has listened to it will bring it to me.