“I Relieve Stress With A Dose of Sex” …Actress, Sarah Sweet Akatugba

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Sarah Sweet Akatugba is one of the actresses adding spices to Nollywood. Having acted alongside some top thespians, Sarah Sweet, as she is fondly called, still remains as humble as the Biblical Sarah whose name she bears. The Delta State born actress, despite the stiff competition in Nollywood, has remained undaunted and focused with strong conviction that only God can take human to his or her desired place. The proud mother and fashionista who has recorded unprecedented success with many movies and soaps to her credit, in this interview, speaks to ALONGE MICHAEL, on her lifestyle and other issues. Enjoy…
How long have you been acting?
I started acting 2012., so, let’s say it’s about four years now.
Who are those big stars you have acted alongside with?
I have acted with some top actors, Yul Edochi, Joyce Kalu, late Muna Ibekwe, Daniel Lloyd, Angela Okorie, to mention a few.
What’s your take on lesbianism that’s believed to be rampant in the industry?
I believe that everyone has his or her choice on their sex life and the position they want to stand. I don’t judge people based on their choice, once you are okay with whatever you have made, you have my blessings!
Sex means a lot of things to a lot of people.
What does sex mean to you?
I’m an adult, I will answer you accurately. Sex is something I do when I want to relieve myself from work stress.  We don’t have to hide the truth, the issue of sex in this part of the world is discussed in a low tone. I think, we should talk about it openly so that the rate of rape, abuse and all sorts of sexual assault can reduce.
Are you single, searching or hooked?
For now, I am single but not searching. I don’t want people to start bothering me phone unnecessarily over this.
What are you busy with at the moment?
I am presently at a location working on a very big story. Then I will be moving to Asaba for a very big project titled ‘Ojukwu’.
Have you encountered producers asking you for sex before giving you a role?
Yes, in fact, on several occasions I have had that kind of indecent proposal but I have always told them one thing which is, if they don’t see me good enough to be in front of their camera without sex then that job is not for me!
What are those qualities that you believe stand you out?
I am beautifully made by my creator. As you can see, I am appealing to the eyes… (Laughs)
Can you kiss for real on set?
Well, since we are in the make-believe industry, a good actor shouldn’t be stereotyped, whatever areas or role I have been put in to perform, God on my side, I put all energy into it to deliver perfectly. So, the issue of kissing is not an exception but it will only depend on the person I am working with.
Who is the actor you have a crush on?
Hmmmm, Michael, well, I am not going to lie; Paul Sambo.