I smiled coldly as I shook my head. He knew exactly what I meant, he was only trying to play dumb with me.

“MD, you know quite well, what I am talking about,” I returned quietly and calmly.

“Aunty Lizzy is your wife and whether you like it or not, you must seek her consent before taking such a very important step. She is the woman of the house. She is the woman who built that house with you from the very scratch, it will be very wrong of you to bring a woman and her son into her house without her permission, whether you like it or not!”

I let you those words with so much anger in me. The words came out with bitterness and with venom. I know that, from the look on his face, MD would certainly not find any of what I said pleasant. But the truth of the matter is that I didn’t give a damn how he felt. All that mattered to me was how I felt.

“Anita, I take exception to the tone with which you just spoke to me. I don’t like it all when you speak to me in that manner and I want you to caution yourself when speaking to me,” MD growled at me, his voice heavy and laced with suppressed fury. I did not say a word, I kept quiet. He was obviously expecting to say I was sorry but that was the last thing I had on my mind at that time. Still, he remained quiet and I was quiet too. When it seemed he was talking forever to continue with his response to my outburst, I decided to prod him on.

“I have heard you, MD, you have made your point. I won’t speak to you with that tone again, so, please, continue, you haven’t finished what you wanted to say. I said it would be wrong of you to bring another woman and her son into Aunt Lizzy’s house without her permission, whether you like it or not!”

Again, I could see his face contorted into a mask of anger. I’d said exactly the same words that got him infuriated in the first place.

“Honestly, Anita, I don’t get you at all! He’d shot at me.

“You’re making it sound like I am a man who has no say in his own house. One would think that it’s my wife that feeds me and controls me in my own house. You just called my house her house now, let me ask you, where did you get the information that the house belongs to her?”

I flashed him a wry smile. “I’m sorry, MD, but you’re the one who doesn’t seem to be getting any of this. Isn’t it a common fact that the woman in the house owns the house because she’s the one that basically runs the house and keeps it together? Every responsible man must discuss with his wife the decisions that affect the home. I’m sure you don’t want to be an exception to the rule. Or, are you telling me now that if you bring me and my son into your house, all we’ll get from your wife will be a pat on the back? Can you guarantee that trouble will not erupt in your house once we step in?

He was quiet. Of course, he knew I was being faithful. No matter how bitter the truth may sound, it is still the truth. MD understood exactly what I was talking about, he was only trying to be self-centred.

“Listen, Anita, I am telling you that nothing will happen to either you or my son, I can guarantee you that,” MD said after a long spell of silence.

“So, you think that it’s okay for me and my son to just appear in your house without any prior discussion with your wife?” I’d thrown at him.

“I have not said that I will not have a prior discussion with my wife before you guys move in, all I am saying here is that you shouldn’t make it look or sound like my wife decides what happens in my house,” he retorted.

“Remember, you’re my wife as well and you have a child for me. And besides, I thought you and my wife are already getting along” What makes you think she would reject you and my son if you choose to move into the house?”

I smiled broadly. This man does not understand the way of women.

“So, you think because me and Aunty Lizzy have met a couple of times and she’s being nice to me, you think if we move into the house. She will remain nice? I asked her. He looked puzzled.

“And why do you think she may not be as nice as she has been to you?” MD asked, looking and sounding genuinely at a loss.

“Of course, she can’t be as nice as she’s been before because by moving into the house, we would be encroaching  on her space and she may not find that amusing. And then, the part she will find most painful is the fact that having Junior in the house will be a constant and painful reminder of the child she couldn’t give you!

To be continued….