For a moment, I saw MD’s jaw drop. He didn’t know what to say or make of my request. He certainly was not expecting anything like what I just request4ed from him. He looked at my face, turned his gaze towards my mid region. Then, he shook his head slowly.
“My darling, this one is serious o!” he’d muttered, looking somewhat nervous. And I found that amusing. Does it mean this man had never licked a woman down there before?
“But I have never done this before, Anita,” he answered my question.
“Really? Are you serious, MD?” I asked him, wondering if he was saying the truth. “You actually mean you have not sucked a woman’s pussy before?”
“Of course, I’m serious!” he’d retorted, a serious look on his face.
“Not even your wife?” I probed further.
“Not even my wife!” he replied. “The truth is, my wife would not even have let me do something like for her if I wanted to, she is too stiff and rigid for such things,” he said.
“And what about your girlfriends in the past?”
“None, I tell you, or do you think I’m lying? I have not done such before,” he’d shot back.
“But why, is it that you don’t like it or what?” I reached for him and started rubbing my hand all over his hairy chest.
“I don’t like it, to be honest with you, it’s too…it’s too….”
‘Dirty?” I helped him find the word he was searching for.
“Yes, something like that…” he answered.
I smiled. I knew that’s what he would say. “So, you think I am dirty? You think I’m not clean enough as your woman for you to put your mouth in my pussy?” I asked him pointedly.
“No, no, Anita, that’s not what I meant. It’s not about you…”
“Then, exactly what do you mean, MD?” I’d shot at him, trying to sound a little hurt but still keeping my hand running all over his chest. “Or you feel that you don’t love me enough to do that for me?”
“Come on, Anita, why are you talking like that?” he retorted, looking at me with a bit of guilt in his eyes. “You know very well how much I love you, but what you’re asking me to do is quite different.”
I didn’t even say anything. I just moved my hand from his chest and down inside his trouser. I reached for his already strong and hungry dick and began to stroke its big head gently. Then I let out his sugar stick from out of his trouser.
“I am not interested in your excuses, MD, I want to take your dick in my mouth right now and suck it all up for you. When I’m done, it will be your turn to take my pussy in your mouth and suck it all up for me, we have a deal, right?”
I did not even wait for him to respond, I took his fierce looking sugar stick in my mouth and began to give him his best blow job ever!
Seriously, I was determined to make it a memorable experience for him. But not just that, I also needed to get him to give me a lovely head and lick up all of my entire pussy. He had not done that to me ever before and I needed to let him know how important it is for him to know how to please me. This is really so important if I was going to ever be able to keep myself from cheating on him. It was Jerry who opened up my eyes to all of that heavenly pleasures, he sure knew how to give a lady maximum satisfaction. And it wasn’t about how well he banged me, it was more about the romance and the little things he did that often gave me the ultimate satisfaction that left me begging him for more. Its those little things that people like MD do not pay enough attention to.
MD was moaning loudly now. I licked his sugar stick up and down like it was a candy stick and then took the whole of his balls in my mouth. The man’s eyes bulged out of their sockets. He was shocked I knew how to do what I was doing to him. I could see in his eyes he wanted to ask me questions such as, ‘who taught you how to do this?’But he decided to keep his mouth shut and savor the moment.
“You’ve got a lovely dick, MD, and beautiful balls too,” I said to him, teasing him, trying to get him all fired up.
“Really? Are you sure?” he asked, not sure if I was only teasing him or meant every job.
“Of course, I am sure, “I replied, licking his balls tenderly.
“Do you like it? Do you like the way you’re feeling right now?| I asked him. MD could not say a word, he merely nodded and continued to moan. I didn’t need him to speak to me, I had gotten the answer I needed.
His dick was hungry now. It was hungry for me. It was now firm and erect, looking for where to log into. I ran my fingers over it gently and expertly before taking the head cap into my mouth again. MD wan die!
“Aahhh! You this girl will kill me,” he groaned, his eyes firmly shut. His head dropped backwards in ecstasy.
“No, my darling, it’s not possible, that’s not going to happen,” I said to him, ”nothing like death can come between us now, you and I will continue to enjoy ourselves from now till the rest of our days,” I assured him.
Few moments later, I felt I had taken him to ecstasy and back. It was time for him to take me there as well. I let go of his banana and turned my ass to him as I pulled down my skirt completely. I had no panties on. So, it was straight to business.
“It’s your turn now, MD,” I said to him, giving him my wild and crazy look, “it’s time to lick me up too and give me same satisfaction I just gave you!”

…to be continued