Who’s  Lying? Who’s Not?  (2)



The look on his face told me very clearly that I had hit home the truth. He knew I was saying the truth. He may try to deny it but it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

“But, Anita, you know that’s not true, that’s not what I’m saying,” MD tried to explain. From the way he smiled sheepishly, I could see he was a little uncomfortable that I was speaking the truth.

“Okay, so tell me, exactly what are you trying to say?” I shot at him.

“Why would you be suggesting that you want me to move in under your roof so you can monitor me, if it’s not because you do not have any trust in me anymore.”

MD was still smiling sheepishly, trying to make me feel less angry. He tried to pull me close but I pulled away from him.

“Come on dear, are you now angry with me because I want you to be closer to me?” MD asked, still trying to make it look like he was merely joking with me. But of course, I know better.

“You’re not getting it right, MD, I’m not angry with you because you want me closer to you, I’m angry with you because you suspect I could be cheating on you. That’s why I’m angry with you!”

MD drew me closer, “I’m sorry if you feel hurt by what I said, but honestly, I did not mean it that way.”

I nodded in obvious disagreement.

“Okay, if that’s not what you meant then let me ask you this question, do you have any reason to suspect that I could be cheating on you? Or, better put, do you think I am cheating on you?”

He knew I had got him boxed into a corner. He knew he had played right into my hands. MD usually is not the type of person that says things carelessly, he only says things he knows he can stand by if the need to defend what he has said arises. That is why he is at a loss as to the sort of response he should give it to me. Not unknown to him, if he is actually suspecting I may be cheating on him, then he is not far from the truth. But how could he possibly know the truth….

MD was still silent, obviously trying to figure out the appropriate response to give to me. He knew he needed to be careful not to get himself into trouble with me.

“MD, you are not saying anything, or you just don’t know which answer to give to me?,” I’d shot at him, trying to sound like I was pained by his insinuations. “I said do you have any reason to suspect I could be cheating on you?”

“Hold on, Anita, I have not said I suspect you could be cheating on me, please, do not put words into my mouth,” MD said, forcing a smile, trying to make light of the matter.

“Okay, so, what exactly did you say?” I shot back.

“All I said was that no man in his right senses would be comfortable leaving a pretty babe like you on her own for too long. Anything can happen. “

“Like what?”

MD shook his head slowly, with a wry smile. “You do not seem to understand me, dear. I am not in any way saying I do not trust you and neither am I questioning your faithfulness and sincerity to me and to our union, all I am saying is that we should not leave the door open for the devil to come inside and destroy all that we have spent years to build together. Are you following me?” he asked me.

“I am not sure I am following you yet, but please continue all the same,” I answered with a stern look on my face.

“Look, Anita, I am not saying you’re not a reliable woman or that I don’t trust you, all I am saying is that we shouldn’t leave room for temptations to come in. Anything can happen, Anita, and you may not even be conscious of it until things have gone out of control. That is all I’m saying.”

Inside of me, I was actually getting scared. If only this man knew that his warning had come too late. The devil had already found his way into our lives and is threatening to destroy everything that we have built together. But that can only happen if he finds out about Jerry and I, abi? And if I know what’s good for me, that day must not come, otherwise…

To be continued….