“A Decent Actress Shouldn’t Play Every Role” …Emmanuella Iloba



Stunning and beautiful Emmanuella Iloba is one of the newest faces making waves in the Nigerian film industry. This Delta State born actress, who is in her early 20s is currently an undergraduate studying Theatre Arts at University of Lagos. She has featured in dozens of movies such as ‘Nollywood Scandal’, ‘Chevron Babes’ and ‘Dusty Roads’ among others. In this chat, she revealed how she started her career, her kind of man and sundry issues. Excerpt…


When did your acting career start?

My career started professionally in 2016. It was divine actually because I wasn’t even expecting it. I went for a modeling audition and someone walked up to me and asked if I could act and I said Yes. He said, that’s great and introduced himself as Chico Ejiro. I was speechless and that was how it all started. It’s been God’s grace. It’s something I love doing. It’s my passion and I’m someone who follows her passion and I love what I do. My family members actually encouraged me to pursue it and they have been so supportive. I’m grateful that they love what I do.


You are also a model, when did the modelling aspect come in?

I will say my looks also play a part in my modeling career. Also, I love to express myself.  When I started getting offers to model, I just saw it as a way of expressing myself.

I’ve always had offers to model. I was into modelling before my acting career started. I love to express myself actually.


What extent can you go to interpret your role?

I try to make every role as realistic as possible. Everything is make-believe and I try to achieve that at all times and I will do whatever I can to make sure my script is well interpreted and my directors are pleased and so far, I have been able to do exceptionally well. I am dedicated and I study my lines well.


How much can you be paid to act nude?

I don’t think I would want to do that actually. I don’t have to act all the roles. I will leave the nude aspect for those that are interested in acting nude.


What are the challenges you face as an actress?

There are lots of challenges. From trying to cope and work with different kinds of people, and being hungry on set and sometimes the welfare is not always what you would have preferred. Being on set till late like 2am and having to wake up as early as 6am sometimes with burning eyes.  There are times I will be on location for two days without doing a scene and I have to go back home hungry and stressed but that’s acting for you. I always make sure those things don’t get to me. I have preconditioned my mind to stay focused and determined. Moreover, I love acting.  As far back as I can remember this is what I have always wanted to do. Every actor goes through the same rough times I believe. You just have to stay focused and be determined and love what you do. You will always have the energy to overcome the challenges.


Have you experienced sexual harassment in the industry?

I have never had to deal with such things. Like I said earlier, my being here is actually God’s doing.  I didn’t go out looking or hustling for roles or begging someone to cast me. God used someone to locate me and that was it. If I didn’t give my body to get into the industry, I shouldn’t give it to stay in it and God kept those things away from me.


Are you dating someone at the moment?

No. I am not dating any man at the moment. I’m currently single.


Describe your kind of man?

I like my man to be tall, caring, loving and of course God-fearing. He must be smart and genuinely interested in me.


Who is your role model?

My role models are Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic. I have always loved their acting long before I started acting. I admire them a lot.


Do you plan going into other aspects of production apart from acting?

I’m not restricted to acting alone. I have plans to go into directing and production and I’m already working on my own production.


Tell us about your most memorable day

My most memorable day would be when Chico Ejiro approached me and he gave me the platform for all these. That day is my most memorable day. It’s not every day we have such opportunity.


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now, I want to see myself still acting of course. I love acting and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I want to be able to work with some of the biggest names, both home and abroad and be able to take my acting to the world.