UK Based Angel Global Promotions CEO, Prophetess Adetutu Jakande, Shares Her Lifestyle and Success as Showbiz Promoter

UK Based Angel Global Promotions CEO, Prophetess Adetutu Jakande, Shares Her Lifestyle and Success as Showbiz Promoter


Although she’s not a professional musician, Prophetess Adetutu Jakande is one of the industrious women shaping the music business. The CEO of Angel Global Promotions’ tentacles are spread from Africa to Europe. While musicians take the centerstage, women entrepreneurs shape the music industry from backstage, bringing established music talents to world’s audiences and making emerging talents to find their voice. In this interview with the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, the UK based society lady speaks about her success in the music promotion business, the challenges of making a name, her kind of personality, and more.


Prophetess Adetutu Jakande

Making waves as a promoter in the entertainment industry in Nigeria is not a tea party; tell us what the challenges were in the beginning.

It was not really easy, but with the help of God, determination and focus, I was able to break even as a promoter.

What were you doing for living before coming into promoting artistes?

That is a long story. I am someone who loves listening to music because music they said is life. When you’re sad or depressed, try as much as possible to listen to some kind of music. 

Please, introduce yourself and tell us what your childhood dream actually was.

My name is Prophetess Adetutu Jakande popularly known as Angel Global Promotions.

To be a successful artistes promoter, one must be versatile in areas like networking and marketing. Does it also involve knowing how to sing or understanding what good music is?

Well, I should say it is not compulsory you know how to sing before you could be a promoter. But you have to understand what music is all about, have the skill and be relevant in all areas.

Does your popularity in the industry happen with cash you put into the business, your know-how or familiarity with the industry?

Money is not everything, though generosity sometimes matters. What people think about you and their belief in your abilities matter a lot. I must say my popularity is based on my generosity and my ability because people believe that I put my best in what I do.

How do you build relationship with artistes that catch your fancy and what are the strategies applied to get them to be popular with the audience?

Humility is the key. I deal with my artistes with an open mind. When I work with you, I remain honest with everything I do.

You have promotional deals with a lot and some of the best music artistes in the industry; would you like to mention their names and which of them would you say gave you the most partnership satisfaction?

I have been around for a while like I said earlier. I have had promotional deals with the likes of King Wasiu Ayinde, Sir Shina Akanni, Alabi Pasuma, Abass Obesere, Alao Malaika, and so many others I can’t mention now.

In the entertainment promotion industry, there’s the issue of poaching where a fellow outfit goes after the other’s best selling artiste or artistes; have you had such an experience in the past, and what is your partnership agreement like with your artiste?

In such cases, it may be happening, but I work with mature artistes and we have an understanding based on mutual agreements.

As a stakeholder in the entertainment industry, what is your fear about the Nigerian music industry, considering its rapid growing and flourishing with talented artistes who compete with their counterparts across the globe?

I have no fear because I believe that ,day after day, new talents are being discovered and we have living legends, evergreen songs.

Music promoters are the driving force behind successful concerts and artistes’ popularity. Have you had any experience dealing with an artiste and you felt your efforts were not appreciated?

To me everyday, is not Christmas. And to all businessmen or businesswomen, you should know that it is not everyday you make huge profits. That’s why we have a topic in Accounting back in school days; ‘Trading Profit and Loss Account’.

How would you compare business success in Africa and Europe based on the fact that the African audience would rather spray cash directly on the artistes in concert than paying for gate ticket?

About that; since money is being made after all, I think that should not be a problem either you pay the gate fee or you’re on my stage to spray my artiste, all I’m after is that money should be made.

Tell us about your weak and strong points.

My weak point is disappointment and my strong point is success at the End.

Tell us about the next big projects coming from Angel Global stable.

My next projects are many, but I’ll make mention of a few. Right now, we’ve started a talent hunt which is called Angel Global Production Youth Talent Hunt. We’re trying to discover youths with great talent in terms of singing, dancing, skit making, drumming etc.