“We Don’t Pray PSquare Split For Real” …Twin Singers, JTwins



James and John better known on stage as JTwins, are fast rising young and talented singers. The group fondly called ‘Africa’s Superb Duet’ stormed the music scene with hit tracks like ‘Aiye Kope Meji’, ‘Way To The Top’, ‘Kokan Aye’ and it has remained one of the top on charts. JTwins who recently had a duet with one of the best South Africa rappers, Corex Benedit King Zla and Mandla, in a song that has been ruling the airwaves, in this interview shares the story of their lives with the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT. Excerpt…


What were you like as kids, share your childhood pranks?

We were easy-going, humble and smart boys, we always did our domestic works together joyfully, but sometimes we fought and made peace same spot. James is the most stubborn one; he used to bully me because he came first. Whenever we fought, I must cry because he’s stronger than me.  I would cry to mum and she would pet me. She would give me some stuff to enjoy myself and warned me not to share it with James. I would nod my head and said okay.  Once she turned her back, I would run to James to share same stuff with him. After eating it, James would run to mum demanding for his food. We always played and got some funny nicknames.


 What’s your relationship with your parents now and before you started music?

The relationship is still strong and‎ lovely. We didn’t get much support from our daddy before he died because  he wanted us to be a medical doctor or other stuffs but not music.  Mum kept the fire burning; she likes music to the fullest and her greatest joy today is that his boys are doing well in their music career. She always prays beyond our imagination.


How long have you been singing?

We started from our childhood then, I did sing why James danced. We got a couple of friends in school. I got my own group singers and James got his group dancers as well. We did this freestyle thing whenever we went out for break. We organised kpako and something that looks like a drum. A friend will be drumming and I will be singing while James would be dancing. We started professionally in 2010, doing a whole lot of things and it’s eight years now in the game running shows and other stuffs in the cities.


You’ve only been rapping for a few years. Tell us about your first experience in rapping.

My first experience in rapping was amazing‎, we had a female artiste whom we ran shows with then, we haven’t dropped a single album. She took us to her studio where she normally produces some of her songs, though she never told us we would do a song together with her in the studio that very day. When we got there, we sat down and she started singing to her producer while the producer searched for her vocal keys. We were astonished because we never knew we would sing with her right there in the studio. It was amazing what we did there; we told the producer to let the beat play and we meditated on our inspirations. After everything, it was awesome and we were appreciated for the job.



How would you describe your music?

Our music sends spiritual and physical message to the world‎, our style of music is unique. You can also define it as number one when it comes to (Rnb, Afro pop & hip hop. It’s classy and people should know about it, our kind of song gives life and motivations to people wherever they find themselves.


What’s the greatest thing you have learned about life?

Life is wonderful and it’s a lesson; the more you live, the more you learn, it has good part and the bad part too.


How much has your personality changed since you released your first song?


A whole lot; we travel for shows in and out of the country; a number of friends  hangout with us. They come to our shows and perform. People respect our personality;  people love the name oba meji; they always show us love anywhere we go. Fans love Jtwins within and beyond Nigeria.


What exactly do you want people to get out of your music?

We want the best, we pledge to give our superb fans the best they desire because they are our backbone. We promise that they should always get the best ‎messages, motivations and inspiring words, good messages full of strong hope that will never let their lives be the same.


How do you plan to improve your brand considering the fact that the industry is full of up-and-coming artistes?

Our brand still remains evergreen to our superb fans there, ‎the industry is so big for both the up-and-coming artistes. Aside from that; the industry changes everyday, we switch on to new trends that come in.


Who do you want to work with?

We would like to work with P-Square‎, Wizkid, Davido & Tekno.


Are you guys working on new songs now?

The song is going to be released soon titled “Skelebe”.


What’s the craziest experience you can recall?

Sometime ago, we went for a show; when we got there, we discovered the show was about to round up. We tried many ways to get in, we didn’t have an invitation card for the event but we decided to go straight to the entrance. When we got to the entrance; the bouncers requested for our invitation card and we told them that we forgot it at home. They said we should go back because the event would soon round up. We told them we would be the next artistes to be on stage after the one that was performing. They told us to move in quickly to perform.


What would you be doing if you weren’t singing?

A lot in our minds then, we either studied medicine and became doctors as instructed by our daddy. We wanted to be models and actors.

How do you guys plan to continue together after getting married?

We are not going to split even after getting married.


What advice do you have for P-Square over their crisis?

Psquare‎ is our superb role model in the industry today and we pray that they would not split. They are one blood and you know that blood is thicker than water.



Who are your favourite international and local star artistes?  

They are P-Square, 2face, 9ice koko master don baba, Wizkid and Davido.

Internationally, we love Justin Bieber, Usher, Drake, Lil_Wayne, Birdman, Millk Milly, Easy E and many more.