Theatre Review: The Art Of Facing Fear

Theatre Review: The Art Of Facing Fear


The Art of Facing Fear is a new digital play, created specifically for the zoom app. The digital play, which was presented live on Fridays and Saturdays, throughout the month of August, 2020, by an international cast with participants, from three different continents, was first developed and performed by Os Satyros from Brazil.



The project, now features artists, from Africa(Cape Verde, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa) Europe( England, Germany, Sweden) and South America(Brazil).



The initiative is to establish commmon observations, among different national experiences, as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, i.e. what are the effects of social intolerance and political extremism in the world today? What are the fears that took over mankind during this period globally?



At the end of the performance, the audience were asked to stay in the room and talk freely to the featured artists and other members of the audience, about the performance and to narrate the effects of the pandemic in their resident country.



The Art of Facing Fear is written by Ivam Cabral and Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez, directed by Rodolfo Vasquez Garcia.