A-List Artiste Manager, Ighagha Ohis, Speaks On Job And Lifestyle



sets for UK tour with artiste, Segun Opontisun

Ighagha Precious Ohis


One of Nigeria’s top artiste managers, Ighagha Precious Ohis, in this brief interview, shares with us his business journey and lifestyle. Excerpts.


Ighagha (right) with his artiste, Segun Opontisun

How are you doing, and how is business?

I’m doing quite fine, and business is really looking up because we are expanding our scope of operations from the local to the international scene.

Can you let us in on that?

For some years, we have been making strong impact on the local scene and we have been able to push the frontiers beyond the present limit.

How about letting the cat out of the bag for the understanding of your fans and followers?

Well, let me hint you on what is presently cooking, Segun Opontisun the reputable Fuji musician is an Artist that I have been managing and promoting for some years. With his credibility on the local scene, Fuji and music fans are yearning for his brand of music on the international scene.

Kindly be specific on your plans for Segun Opontisun?

Soon, we intend to hold music shows in the United Kingdom for Segun Opontisun, since fans are yearning for him to give them a taste of his exciting brand of music in the United Kingdom, as such we are presently working round the clock to ensure the success of his proposed United Kingdom music tour.

That’s good to know. So what do you think makes the proposed UK music tour worthwhile?

Considering Segun Opontisun’s followership on the local scene and the response of lovers of Fuji music in the United Kingdom, this will be a productive and profitable music tour because the message is already spreading across lovers of Fuji music in the United Kingdom.

How do you mean?

Come to think of it, the music tour will involve performances at The Truth in Birmingham, Lounge London, Walays Bar and Lalounge Manchester. That talks of a music package from one geographical location to another. So, we stand to give people a taste of quality Fuji music at their destinations.

What exactly is the inspiration that drives you?

I believe in stretching myself because I am like a rubber band, and rubber bands must be stretched to their elastic limit. I am yet to get to my elastic limit, and Segun Opontisun is yet to get to his elastic limit. So, why not stretch ourselves further.

So who is Ighagha Precious Ohis?

I’m a much focused person. I like to deliver on whatever project I handle. I’m a fun loving person who loves to do the little he can to uplift humanity.

Good, it’s been a lovely time engaging you.

Yeah, I sincerely appreciate your focus and support for us in the music industry.