Nigerian Singers Whose Songs Have Promoted ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ 


Based on what is going on recently within the circles of music industry and the law, we have decided to call attention to some Nigerian songs that glorify yahoo-yahoo.

In the list below, you will see both past and present Nigerian songs that have glorified the activities of yahoo-boys.

These songs are selected based on the artistes’ choice of lyrics and how much they support yahoo-yahoo in their songs.

Below Are Top 10 Nigerian Songs That Glorify Yahoo-Yahoo In Nigeria.


  1. Olu Maintain – Yahooze


In the history of Olu Maintain as a singer, the song Yahooze can never be erased.

According to some music minds in Nigeria, this contributed immensely to youths hunger for making money fast through cyber-crime.

Even the music video can make you feel like you’d need to do “Yahoo” to make it in life.


  1. Kelly Handsome – Maga Don Pay

“Maga” is a popular slang by yahoo-boys used to describe their victim.

Literally, the song “Maga Don Pay” is a celebration song yahoo-boys will find worthy of playing anytime the white nigga pays.


  1. Oritsefemi – Kala Your Mamu

Orishefemi opened mouth recently to say yahoo boys are stingy.

He seems to have forgotten that in 2006, this same Oritsefemi sang a song “Kala Your Mamu” to warn EFCC and encourage yahoo-boys not to show mercy to their clients.

Probably, baba no see money collect from yahoo-boys again.


  1. Eleniyan – Yahoo Lawon Oremi

Eleniyan was fearless on his song “Yahoo Lawon Oremi” which he used to hail his friends who are into yahoo-yahoo.

Only that EFCC refused to follow up on this to disclose the identity of his friends who are yahoo-boys.

What is more surprising is that he got a record deal with the song.


  1. 9ice – Living Things

“Wire-Wire Ki e mi sha ti Lowo“, is a line on the song “Living Things” by 9ice where he went all out to preach “do anything for the money“, even if it’s wiring of illegal foreign funds.

On the same song, 9ice went on to hail popular yahoo-boys on the song. Little wonder, the song became widely accepted everywhere as at when released.

The song “Living Things” is the least we expected from a living legend like Adigun Alapomeji.


  1. DJ Consequence Ft. Chibuzee – Wire Wire

This song was released in 2013 when DJ Consequence teamed up with Chibuzee to deliver this “wire Anthem“.

The message in this song is just so direct to the wire guys!!


  1. Eldee – Naija Boy

You all will be wondering what Eldee is doing on this list. Yea! the Eldee that has been dissing Yahoo-Boys in recent times once did a song to praise the hustle.

On this song, Eldee didn’t even hide mouth or call it another name, he talked about all methods of “Yahoo-Yahoo” scam calling it payback just the way Naira Marley once said it.

According to Eldee on Naija Boy, “any credit card, swipe it real hard”.


  1. Olamide – Prayer For The Client

Prayer For The Client” is a song off Olamide‘s Street OT album released in 2014.

If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense. This Olamide‘s song is a prayer for yahoo-boys to get rich clients that will be paying steadily.

“Baba God Fun mi ni client ti ma mu lote
Ko lowo be Dangote”

The message in this song has weight for all yahoo-boys to hustle hard.


  1. Otega – Stay Woke


From a viral street freestyle to an official song, the song “Stay Woke” brought the limelight to the name “Otega“.

The song is filled with lyrics motivating and glorifying the Yahoo-Yahoo hustle.


  1. Qdot – Apala New Skool

Qdot has a way of always praising Yahoo-Boys in many of his songs. In the song, Apala New Skool, Qdot showed us what he could do with popular Apala sound.

Even the originators of the Apala sound would be disappointed at Qdot’s choice of lyrics on the song when he started chanting “chache” and eulogizing yahoo-yahoo.


× Naira Marley ft Zlatan – Am I A Yahoo Boy

Truth be told, this song, “Am I A Yahoo Boy” should not be on this list as it is a song by Naira Marley to correct the popular notion by some Nigerians thinking he does yahoo-yahoo alongside music.

It is quite unfortunate that, he is the one that got the attention of EFCC and the artistes that sang other songs on this list are walking freely in the country.