My Appointment With God And Church …Sup. Evang. Prophet Elijah Bello



Superior Evangelist Prophet Elijah Bello is the spiritual shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, Christ Ambassador Parish, situated at Oba Ogunji Road, Opposite Women Development Centre, Pen Cinema, Agege.  Prophet Bello, a covenant child told our Editor how he stayed in her mother’s womb for 21/2 years before he was born miraculously, how he got involved in accident that almost claimed his life when he refused to obey God, his view about the nation among other issues…

Tell us about yourself

I am Superior Evang. Prophet Elijah Bello (JP), the shepherd in charge of CCC Christ Ambassador at Oba Ogunji Road, Opposite Women Development Centre, Pen-Cinema, Agege, Lagos.

I am a covenant child. I was told that my mother carried my pregnancy for 21/2 years.  A prophecy came one day in public that there was a woman who was carrying a pregnancy for too long, if she could agree to work for God, she should place water outside in a bowl, pray into it and she would deliver the baby same day.  I was told that my mother obeyed the prophecy and she put to bed.  I was from an Anglican family and when I attained the age of seven, my mother took me to Cele prophet to groom me in order to fulfill her covenant with the prophecy she had before I was born, through the white garment prophet.  I was living in the church premises when I started my elementary school at Agege.  I proceeded to Ahmadiya College, Agege.  I gained admission to study at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.  Despite the fact that I was going to school, I still got engaged in the spiritual work in the church.  It got to a point that the spiritual father took care of me; gave me freedom to shepherd a church in Ondo State but I refused and it led to an accident. I was at Igbobi Hospital, Lagos for three months but they could not ascertain what the problem was because the accident affected my chest and one hand. I could not talk; when my case did not improve, I was taken to a church on a stretcher.  While at the church, I just noticed that an old man poured water on me; that was how I stood on my feet; I started talking and I felt relieved.  I was taken back to Igbobi Hospital and they removed the POP on my hand; no retraces of injury on my hand and chest.  At this point, I returned to my guardian father who at this time was getting old, he wanted me to shepherd his own church.  I was with Baba Omosowoneni who is now late, I was later transferred to Baba John Akande of blessed memory but through this grace, God blessed me with the gift of prophecy, through my experience and journey from my childhood in Christ.  This gives me strength in the Lord which has not departed from me. I am not into ministry because I could not get job.  I am in the ministry because of the covenant God has with me.  I appreciate my mother of blessed memory because she did not hesitate in giving me back to God.

What is the name of the first CCC Parish that was given to you to shepherd?

My mother handed me over to Baba Stephen Bamgbade in the vineyard of God.  He was our family friend.  The name of the parish is CCC, Agege, before he handed me over to Baba Omosowoneni of CCC, Oregun 1 and left Oregun 1 for Abeokuta.  He handed me over to Baba John Akande of CCC Araromi, Papa Ashafa1 in Agege, Lagos.


At what point in time did God establish CCC, Christ Ambassador Parish?

I have established so many branches but I preferred to hand it over to a shepherd because I prefer to be an evangelist.  I have evangelized in Nigeria and other West Coast nations.  But I decided to stay in a church in 1993.  I went to Seminary Schools; I went to Faith Bible College, Ota, I did doctorate and chaplaincy.  I also went to Winners Bible School when they were located at Raji Oba.  I started from the foundation.  I was at WOBi, DCC, SCC and did pastoral course.  I went to Celestial Bible Institute of Professor Odeyemi.  I decided to settle down at CCC, where we situated at Aloba Off Moricas at Agege, Lagos.  We are in the midst of the Hausas and devoted Muslims but to my surprise, the women in purdah will come secretly to our church at night for spiritual directions.  Some Islamic clerics directed their clients to us when they could not solve the problems brought to them and God still takes His glory.  In fact, I have three Hausas who have now converted to become members of CCC.  They still come to me.  One of them is a LASTMA official in Lagos.  Through God’s manifestation, a whole CAC church in Agege was transformed to CCC, Christ Ambassador Parish 4.  The Pen Cinema Christ Ambassador was inaugurated in 2008.  Through the grace of God, some of the men of God who passed through us have established churches- CCC Promised Land  at Sango; CCC Oniyale, CCC, Liberia; CCC, Ghana and CCC America.  Our shepherd in America is Samuel Ajayi, Tosin Adeyinka, we also have Christ Ambassador  Parish 2, 3, 4.  Our shepherd at Christ Ambassador Parish 2 is Amos John, CCC Christ Ambassador Parish 3 is led by Moses.

Share with us one of the unforgettable miracles God has done through you?

It was that of my mother whose doctor had confirmed dead.  I challenged God on her, that she must not die at that time because she has to witness my wedding; I cried to God and started reminding God of my mother’s covenant with God.  As I was doing this and looking into her eyes, my mother sneezed and came back to life.  This happened in 1996 at Babayemi at Isale Oja, Agege.  The name of the hospital is Rock Hospital.

What has God revealed to you about Nigeria?

God told me that this Nation will not disintegrate but some lives will be lost.  God revealed to me that every citizen of this nation should have a landed property with his/her documents.  There will be a time that people will be getting visas to visit Nigeria just like our citizens are seeking to go abroad now.  God told me that people would be rushing to Nigeria for business, security and otherwise.  God said Nigeria will still discover new things that have not been named.  But when that time comes when people will be coming to Nigeria for business, we would be able to trade with the landed properties and make so much money.

Tell us about your church activities

We do Bible studies on Monday from 6.00pm; on Tuesdays we do counseling from 9.00am, on Wednesdays we do evening service from 6.00pm.  Last Thursdays of the month we do Prophetic Night.  On Fridays, we do evening service from 6.00pm.  On Sunday, we start with Sunday School lecture and commence our Sunday Service from 10.00am. We have some yearly activities too.  We have one called Tunmigbe (Renew Your Vow).  This encourages husbands to officially pay their wives’ dowries, those who have not done so. This comes up every February Valentine’s Sunday.  We also connive with Local Government Registry official to make it possible.  We educate this couple on it especially the husband to pay his wife’s dowry and after doing that, he will come to church the following Sunday for spiritual joining.

For those who are financially handicapped at that time, does the church sponsor?

We have committee for this programme who supports financially and otherwise to make sure it is done.  Every June of the year, we have a programme for the children during the children harvest.  Saturday before their harvest in June, we do Juvenile Fun Fair whereby we give free attires and free food to the children and they will have the opportunity to play with toys.  We do it at LASU Museum in Agege.  Over 8,200 took part in this year’s programme.  We do debates, quiz, jokes and entertainment.  In September of every year during the Adult harvest, we support the widows, by giving them rice, clothes and money.  We also do vocational training for women.  My wife is in charge of that.  We lecture them and also give them money to start or support their business.  Our Adult harvest comes up every last Sunday of September.  We round up our adult harvest by 3.00pm and then move to reception ground for entertainment.  In December, we do a programme tagged “Carol Night”, we empower people during this programme.  We do our Carol like carnival.  It is an interdenominational programme.  Before then, our members would have donated a lot of items like fridge, clothes, cooking pots, wall clock, iron, umbrella, plates, gas cooker, TV, generators.  We do raffle and the name that comes up will win a gift item.  We do it at interval during the carol and everyone goes in happiness.  We are doing this because Christmas is a time of giving.  That is what makes our Christmas Carol special.  At Cross-Over Night, we also do the same to make people benefit.  During our last adult harvest in September, we received an august visitor in the person of Pastor (Rev.) Mobiyina Oshoffa.  He  came because he heard of our numerous programmes that people benefit from. That made him to come and pray for us.  Above all, the kingdom of God is very important.