My movement from Islam to Christianity – Prophetess Ruth Ibironke Abina



Coming from a fanatical Muslim background, God called her to become a prophetess and He’s using her mightily and prophetically for His kingdom.

A UK-based special mother, Prophetess Ruth Ibironke Idris Abina in this interview with Akin Sokoya tells us about her calling and journey into Christendom, tithe issue, family matters, among others,


Let’s meet you.

My name is Ruth Ibironke Idris Abina.  I am from UK, our church is located at 242 Romford Road, P798Z, United Kingdom.


What’s the name of your church?

C & S Power of Deliverance, Ijo Agbara Itusile.

How did you receive the call to work for God?

I received the call about 35 years ago.  I was from a devoted muslim background before God called me.  Initially, I refused the call but later yielded.

What challenges did you face before you eventually agreed to obey the call of God?

I faced so many challenges but I eventually overcame them to the glory of God.

Did you marry from a Christian home?

No, I got married to a Muslim husband.

How did your husband feel initially when you received the call to work for God?

We both started the journey and gave our lives to Christ. My husband used to drive me to church with the children when invited as a special guest at church anniversaries.  One day, he drove me to the church as usual for event and drove off.  But when I entered into the church, I was feeling the spirit of God within me and was shaking.  Initially, I thought I was epileptic, but as time went on, I started going on trance and hearing the voice of God and seeing vision.  At that point, I started receiving messages that I would become a prophet and establish church.  I could not believe this because I was born at a Muslim home.  Initially, my parents were against my conversion to Christianity but they later accepted.  Today, I am steadfast in the Lord.


At what point did your husband accept to join you in Christianity since you are the one called by God?

He joined me later when he started seeing what God is doing in my life.  He started having the faith and believing in my vision as we started going to the same church.

Your ministry is based in the UK, do you have any branch in Nigeria?

We are hoping on God to establish a branch in Nigeria.

Could you share some of the miracles God has done through your ministry?

God has healed a lot of people in sickness, taking away a lot of people’s sorrow and giving babies to the barren among others.

Tell us about your church activities

Wednesdays between 8.00pm and 10.00pm is our Shiloh service, Deliverance service holds on Fridays between 8.00am and 11.00am.  Every last Friday of the month is our Vigil, our Sunday service holds between 12noon and 3.00pm.

As a Prophetess, how does the voice of God  come to you?

It comes when I am sitting down.


How do you overcome temptation when they come?

I overcome temptation through prayers and fasting.

Tithe issue of tithe has been a factor in Christendom for a while now, what’s your view on it?

I can’t judge any pastor on tithe, my own stand on it is that anything you believe in, do it.  Everyone of us is called individually.  Every pastor claims he is called by God, we don’t know who is called by Satan.

Do you collect tithes at your church?

Yes, we preach that they have to pay tithe so that there will be food in the house of God for the people working at the church.  We still use part of the tithe to pay church rent, water bills, electricity bills, council levy and so on.


Which profession were you into before you received God’s call?

I was a fashion designer, I have two shops at Surulere, Lagos.

Did you receive God’s call in Nigeria before you travelled abroad?


Do you still practise fashion designing?

No, I am a full-time prophetess.