“Listening To Songs Makes Me Feel Good” …Bimbo Esho, CEO, Evergreen Musical Company

“Listening To Songs Makes Me Feel Good” …Bimbo Esho, CEO, Evergreen Musical Company

Bimbo Esho

Bimbo Esho, a famous music collector is the Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company Limited. The holder of Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Anthropology from University of Ibadan is also the chief executive officer of Esho-Re, clothing and branding company and The Amuluduns, an indigenous event management company. In this interview, the beautiful Bimbo shares with the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, her journey through showbiz entrepreneurship and lifestyle. Excerpts…


Tell us your position in the family and who between dad and mum you were close to at teens.
I am the third in my family and only female of my mum.

You did a study in human character and nature, how did you develop passion for music?
My passion for music developed from my teenage years and we all grew up watching our dad’s irrevocable passion for music collection which has made him today the largest collector of music of yesteryears in Africa with over 100, 000 original vinyl of works of different musical giants in his repertoire.

You are into clothing and events management and the managing director of Evergreen Musical Company. How do you cope running the family business with your private businesses?
I am a very creative lady. All the other line of my music borders round creativity and somehow interwoven- music, fashion, events etc. It is not difficult combining all activities at all.

What is your social lifestyle like?
I often see myself as an introvert not so much of a party person. I work better from behind the scene so as to focus on details of my work.

Bimbo (right) with Gov Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State

Tell us about your father, the musical company’s success and what new concepts have you introduced to sustain the glory of the company.
My dad is a trailblazer in many fields in which he has set a pace and standard. He is also very friendly, generous, humorous and accommodating to all. As one who has been helping to sustain the company’s legacy with him; all we have done in the new age of technology and digitalization is simply to move with the tide and that we have been doing effectively.


How would you appraise the current state of music in Nigeria compared to abroad?
The Nigerian music is not doing badly at all just that it can be better especially if more focus can be given to the indigenous music repertoire which lyrics reflects more of our cultural activities and day to day way of life.  I think the hip-hop culture has taken more dominance of the Nigerian music sphere though with local parlance in their songs.

Your company is more into the timeless songs; tell us about the present level of acceptability and patronage of the evergreen songs by Nigerians.

The acceptance and patronage of timeless songs is amazing as it gives a strong and irrevocable feeling of nostalgia to the listeners both old and young at home and diaspora.

What has been your most satisfying moments in business and privately?
My satisfaction in business is seeing that many appreciate what we do in ensuring the preservation of what would have today become a dying musical culture. I am satisfied being who I am.

What types of songs do inspire you?
I have an unpredictable taste for songs. Being a collector and surrounded with different music genres, I listen to every kind of music as long as it sounds nice, makes me feel good and connects to my brain with ease.

Do you have any part of your body that you cherish most?
(Laughter) we are beautifully and specially created by God Almighty. We all must cherish all the parts of our body.

Tell us your daily routine.
Nothing special really; I am more of a workaholic as adjudged by few of my associates.

What inspires your dressing for a particular outing?
As a brand expert who is into fashion, I just interpret what best suits the occasion.


Share with us the uniqueness of being a mother and working woman.
I feel comfortable with my work as a lady in a distinct field.

You often eulogize the activities of Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, would you like to share the purpose of your verdict of his administration?
Understanding that we are stakeholders in entertainment industry, we try as much as possible to encourage whichever administration spearheads the running of affairs of activities that affects all of us while also helping to advise them on areas that they may need to look into.