2019: Ikeja 2 Stakeholders Seek Return of Hon. Adedamola Kasunmu


Those fanning the embers of calumny against Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu (ARK) have been advised to find something better to do.


It would be recalled that ever since the young Lawmaker got the tacit endorsement of major stakeholders in his Constituency to continue representing them at the *Lagos State House of Assembly* for a second term in 2019, some elements have launched a malicious campaign of unjustifiable hate against the vibrant legislator.


But in a swift reaction to a series of fabricated and fallacious stories in a minute section of the online media recently, several members of Ikeja Constituency 2 have risen up in stout defence of Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu (ARK). According to one of the Constituents, Alhaji Kunle Oseni, an APC stalwart and influential grassroots politician in Ikeja, “Hon. ARK is our representative in the Lagos state House of Assembly and so far so good, he has done well. Go and check the records of Lagos State House of Assembly, Kasunmu is the only First-Term Lawmaker in this 8th Assembly to ever sponsor two(2) bills at one time and the bills were accepted and passed into Laws of Lagos State. That’s is not an ordinary achievement.”, Oseni stated.


Speaking further, Alh. Oseni said “as result of these two Laws sponsored by Hon. ARK, the state Government has approved 2 Astro-Turf Sports Centres for Ikeja Constituency 2. One will be located in Adeniyi Jones and the second will be in Agidingbi. These facilities will be very useful to our youths in Ikeja, Ogba and Ojodu when completed. The young man has really done wonderfully and we are fully behind him for another term as our legislator in 2019.”


Another member of the Constituency in Ojodu axis, Hon. (Mrs) Funmi Layeni revealed that ” Hon. Damola Kasunmu is an easy-going and a very humble young man who has done tremendously well within a very short space of time. It may interest you to know that through Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu, about 65 youths from this constituency have been gainfully employed into Lagos State main Civil service and other àgencies. We have 10 Wards in Ikeja 2, if you divide 65 by 10, that is an average of 6 youth employment per Ward within 3 years. This is above average and we commend him for this. Apart from this, he has done so many other wonderful things which i cannot even list here. This is why we have decided to give him our mandate again to represent us for another term come 2019 because we believe he is going to do more and perform even better”, said the grassroots mobiliser.


Another member of the Constituency who is a notable personality condemned those sponsoring dirty stories in the media against Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu to stop wasting their time as such tactics will never work. According to him, Hon. Kasunmu has contributed tremendously to the progress of this Constituency, Recently, some of our Keke NAPEP operators had a major problem with LASTMA Officials due lack of parking space. When the matter was brought to the attention of Hon. Kasunmu, he swung into action immediately and even when he discovered that the then LASTMA Commander was proving stubborn, Kasunmu made sure he was transferred from Ojodu and replaced with another Official and the Keke Operators were given a conducive operational park at Berger Bustop, you can go there and verify.


So as for 2019, we want Kasunmu back in the House of Assembly. Apart from this, our party has a local zoning arrangement which has helped us over the years. Our Federal House of Reps, Hon. Faleke is from Ojodu, our serving Commissioner, Hon. Mrs Lola Akande is from Ojodu, our Assembly was zoned to Ikeja in 2015 and Kasunmu was presented from Ikeja, It is still the turn of Ikeja To occupy the Assembly seat and we are supporting him again for 2019. It is Only when they want to pursue their personal selfish interest that talk about imposition. I can confirm to you nobody is imposing anybody. Some of them that are coming out to contest by force, we told them to be patient and allow Ikeja to finish their tenure, but they are hell bent on imposing themselves on the people. That cannot work”, submitted the leader who does not want his name mentioned in the media.


Also a cross section of Youth and women across the Constituency have also thrown their weight behind Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu (ARK)’s bid for a second term.


When contacted for his reaction over issues surrounding his re-election, Hon. ARK said ” first of all, I have a lot regards for the people of my Constituency and I hold Everyone in high esteem, so I don’t join issues with my people. Since 2015 I have been serving the diligently and I have done quite a lot but I still want to do more in 2019 and beyond that is why i am seeking reelection. I have a lot bills on Youth and women development, I am also working on bills that will enhance the education of our children and give them a future, I also have other bills to focus on Artisans and small scale business people. I also intend run a lot empowerment

Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu; Ikeja Constituency 2 stakeholders seek his return to office in 2019

and other programmes that will make life easier for our people at the grassroots and all. These are the reasons I am seeking reelection and I have confidence in God and the support of the people to emerge victorious.”


-Folorunsho Hamsat