“2018 OYA Awards Is Designed To Make A Difference” …CEO, Wale Adeoba

Wale Adeoba, CEO, OYA Awards

The organizers of Ogo Yoruba Awards popularly known as OYA Awards, are getting set for the 6th edition scheduled to take place in Lagos later this year 2018.


The founder and executive producer of OYA, Wale Adeoba a.k.a. Mr. Packaging, a seasoned journalist cum PR specialist who is the CEO of Wale Adeoba Productions Inc, told Global Excellence magazine during a chat that, the ingenious awards event was designed primarily to promote the culture and heritage of the Yoruba race, beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa.


“Yoruba’s is a rich heritage. That is why at every corner around the world you find a Yoruba man or woman,” stated Wale, adding that he and his team are presently doing everything possible to make this year’s edition “a bigger, better and memorable one for all.”


Besides, Wale said that the awards programme was positioned to celebrate the glory of the Yoruba heritage and culture while it is also an exclusive event arranged to unite and amplify Nigerians of all tribes who are excelling in their respective fields of endeavour.


“This event, like everyone knows, is not limited to Yoruba stars alone, it celebrates with fun and glamour entertainers and individuals of all tribes and rewards creativity and quality leadership. Also, it promotes people who in their talents and professions have with deep love and passion for the Yoruba heritage,” posits Wale.

Ogo Yoruba Awards, it was said, comes with huge opportunities to competitively position Nigerians and basically the Yoruba to gain more recognition and create new cultural opportunities, interact and connect with other Nigerians in the diaspora.


Wale is a showbiz expert who has worked successfully with A-List music acts as Yinka Aiyefele; Femi Solar; Bunmi Akinnanu a.k.a. Omije Oju mi; Dele Bravo, and a whole lot of others.


-Adeniyi Adeyinka