The Mother Of My Children Has Bitten More Than She Can Chew!



How I wish our first father, Adam had died with all his ribs intact, mankind wouldn’t have had to contend with these species called women. I believe God must have created them on the last day after resting because after creating the woman, neither God nor man has rested ever since. It has not been possible to rest since the creation of the ‘helper’ which I call ‘woe to man’.

The woman has become the harbinger of trouble in man’s life. Since they lay claim to being behind every successful man, they are also behind the fall of every man. All through the years, they have proved to be indefatigable in this great venture of theirs and have led many sons of men to their doom. Think of King David, King Solomon, Samson, Adolf Hitler, et all, have all had their downfall traceable to the expedite activity of one woman or the other. This trend has continued unabated until it got to me-tough guy I thought I was.

I used to look with scorn and derision at men who were ruined by women and thought I never could be fooled by the descendants of Eve. I felt I was too wise to be manipulated by a woman and thought I could always take care of myself and my affairs. But I didn’t reckon with the likes of Tinu who walked into my life unannounced and before she went out, my close knit world had literarily collapsed, leaving me a shattered and bruised soul. Things fell apart and the centre of my world could no longer hold. I lost my family, became an outcast, my thriving and booming business collapsed, friends disappeared and I became a pauper of the highest order, going from place to place soliciting for help from those that had once eaten under my table, going under the curse of my beloved mum whom I neglected in the heat of my relationship with Tinu, the Jezebel, an action that consequently led to mummy’s death. And now Tinu has made my world worthless and battered. She is now a big film star, lives in a mansion with all the trappings of the sweet life and the klieg lights, changes cars at will and lives in total and complete opulence all from my sweat.

But like they say, all things will come to an end. The end of Tinu is at hand and I know I must carry out the death sentence I have passed on her. She has murdered sleep and she will no longer enjoy her sleep on the quilted bed but will join her ancestors in hell where she rightly belongs. Her days are numbered. I want to be under the illusion that killing Tinu will make mummy smile where ever she is and will make her lift this curse from me. This curse that, if not reverted, will make me roam the face of the earth like a moron for life. I also hope Tinu’s death at my hand will atone for all the things Tinu did to her and for my neglect of her when she needed me most. I will also have the peace of mind to face the wrath of the law and I will be glad I made away with some scourge of this earth.

You might wonder why I am so bitter with someone who was once my beloved wife and the mother of my twin sons. Wait until you read my story, then you will vindicate me. You will even praise me for wanting to kill off the bitch who is not worthy of living and breathing the same air with the pure-if there are any left. To think that the once gentle and innocent looking Tinu could turn out to be my Archilles’ heels, I shudder and take to the fact that no one is to be taken for granted in this life and as for me, I will never underrate the power of the female specie any longer.

When I met Tinu, she was an embodiment of purity and unadulterated innocence, charm and poise. She had such tender elegance that swept me off my feet and in no time, I was locked in a romance that took all of me and did unprintable things to my self esteem, a romance I will ever live to regret. A romance that took, not only me but the life of my mum and all forms of material acquisition and left me in total penury and dejection. Tinu has dealt me a terrible blow I will never forget in a hurry and I am not going to wallow in self pity again but to stand up and hit her back and make sure she stays hit. It’s time I show the devil she is at the end of her long rope. Tinu is a devil and I won’t hesitate to call her so at every given opportunity and I stand to be corrected. She has done enough to merit me calling her despicable names.

I met Tinu when I was a student at the Auchi Polytechnic. I had gone to Lagos during the second semester of my first year to visit my uncle and that was when I met her. It was the valentine season and I had hit Lagos bubbling with life and ready for any action. When I got there, I went to see Toma, a long standing friend of mine, whose parents had lost their lives the previous year in a plane crash. Toma was then working with a construction firm and was taking care of the only younger sister he had, who was a student of the Anglican Girls College in Abeokuta. When I met Toma, he was getting ready to go to Abeokuta on that day and he said I should go with him to see the sister, Vivian. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to go with him. Toma was always good company. As this was the visiting day, we had no trouble in getting into the school. When we inquired about Vivian, we were told she was ill and had been rushed to the sickbay earlier that day. We were directed to the clinic by the matron who knew Toma very well. When we went into the sick bay, Vivian was sleeping and there was a girl sitting, backing the door. She was in the blue check dress which was their compound wear. When she heard the door opening, she turned and when I saw her, I was catapulted to the land where cupid and venus reside. Before I came back, she was speaking to Toma in a cool voice that could break the molten Olumo rock.  It was such that will make Whitney Houston rush to the studio for more voice training. Butterflies clearly fluttered in my tummy and I moved away from Toma for fear he will hear the distinct beat of my heart.

That girl was doing things to me. She was not the prettiest girl I had ever seen but she was cool in a kind of melancholic way which made her irresistible. She had this chocolate brown skin which had never been talented by bleaching creams. She had this sexy eyes that could made a priest shivers and forget his vow of celibacy. Her hips were set in such a way that she seemed to be smiling. When she got up, I noticed she was of average height and could not have been more than 18 but she was in full bloom, well rounded hips, full and pointed breasts, shapely legs and all that makes a woman complete.

“Bro. T, thank God you’ve come oh. Vivi is very sick. The doctor says it’s typhoid” she explained. Toma stood there tongue tied and examined his sister in shock. He was so much attached to the sister who was always a lively chatter box. I was affected too but more by the girl. The girl then gave Toma a list of drugs and things to buy. Toma decided to go into town and get the things needed and even collected some money from me. He then suggested that I stay around. I was more than glad at this suggestion. Nothing would have gladdened my heart the most than a chance to talk to that enchanting princess who was making me lose my concentration.

To Be Continued…