Teen Actress, Regina Daniel Tasks Fans On Support


Teen star Regina Daniels has taken to her Instagram page to beseech fans to stop berating celebrities as most of them feel hurt too from the words spoken to them.

Regina Daniel, in her post, reminded the cyber-bullies of the fact that some of the celebrities might be going through pains in their homes. But the fans add more salt to their injury by trolling them every now and then.

“Pls, I took out one minute from my time to say this from my heart:
Celebrities are human, we have feelings like every normal person, we struggled to make it in life, not everyone is born a star, it’s a gift from God, while some struggled and made it in life. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, my mother and siblings struggled so hard to push me.

“I am a student and God favored me with working everyday. I came out with the best result in my department and level, I was given an award and some people said I bought it and all that, what will I ever do that will make you guys see only the positive part?. Come rain, come sun, I struggle at a very tender age to make the world proud, my mother and family, some people say stars don’t shine for long but mine will take me places, I am just starting my life.

“You all don’t know what we are going through in our various homes, then some people will come on your page and call you cheap prostitute, this and that. I never proved to be good enough for everyone but I am the best for everyone who understands me. We don’t reply positive comments on our page, we all work but we do not fail to post to keep you all updated.

“I wanna say a very big thank you to my lovers that appreciate my efforts…. being a celebrity is not as easy as you think because we always have to be cautious of everything we do, where we go, how we dress, and all that.

“What hurts me the most are mothers, that come to my page and call me names, forgetting they can actually give birth to me 10times PLS LEARN TO ENCOURAGE US.”