Style Statement of Emmanuella Ropo-Marshall, K1 De Ultimate’s New Bride

Mrs. Emmanuella Ropo-Marshal
Emmanuela and hubby, K1 De Ultimate


Emmanuella Ropo-Marshall simply typifies beauty. Fashion by its very definition implies change, the stunning new bride of Fuji music icon, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall a.k.a. K1 De Ultimate says she is what’s new about fashion and style, dictating the pace within her own space. In this interview with the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, the beautiful ‘Party Dreams’ CEO spoke about her style’s touch points as well as sharing some of the best fashion insights that earn her the beauty goddess title. Excerpts…


What is your simple beauty routine like? 

My simple beauty routine is, cleansing the dead cell by exfoliating my skin and using shear butter based cream both morning and night.


What’s that beauty style that you won’t join the crowd to apply? 

My phobia for needle will make me say a capital NO to tattoo. So, I won’t do it.


Which one brings out the best in your look, an all-out makeup or no makeup? 

No makeup brings out the best in my look.


What are your best beauty and style accessories that you think should be in every woman’s kit? 

My choice for accessories when it comes to elevating my looks and matching a sense of style is endless for me. There are three main choices I will not do without; my handbag, jewelry and sunglasses.

What are your fitness and diet secrets? 

Health, they say, is wealth. I stock my house with healthy items, I use the gym three times a week to exercise, I stay hydrated and I keep my food portion in check.


You’ve always managed to look stunning, what is the secret of your elegant frame? 

I don’t go extraordinary; I keep it simple, classic and elegant. That is the secret.

What beauty tips would you like to share with women in their 30s? 

Visit the spa more frequently, eat healthy and take a minimum of eight hours sleep. Do not focus only on your face but every part of the body needs to be cared for.


Tell us what dictates when you wear certain fashion accessories. 

My mood, weather and the occasion dictate that.


What are the best and latest designer collections in your closet, shoes, bags and dresses, and why do you go for those choices? 

Hmmm, the list is endless I must say. I am not stereotype when it comes with my choice of designer. The list is endless because I go for any beautiful accessory. But I do more of Gucci.

Do you have preferred colours and what colours would you not add to your style?

All colours suit me, especially white. It must be exceptional before I make a choice of orange colour.


What type of dress do you feel most comfortable wearing, native or corporate? 

I feel more comfortable in corporate wears.


What’s the best fashion accessory you have received as gift lately and from who? 

A diamond ring from my husband.

Everyone wants to be a style icon, how do you think every woman can create her unique style statement to stand her out?

Go for what suits you. Keep it simple and classic; create your own style within your budget.



Do you pick fashion items that come your way or you dictate how your choice is styled? 

I dictate my choice.

Which are the three style objects are you most obsessed with? 

They are perfumes, wristwatches and jewelry.


Are you a car person; what’s your favourite brand? 

I am not a car person.


Tell us about your style of cooking; what are your personal cooking secrets. 

I learnt from my mum and I intend keeping it a secret (smiles).


Is there a secret ingredient that makes you a good cook?  

There is not any. I just feel my style of cooking makes it taste great.


What’s the dish you’re very good at cooking and is it your favourite meal? 

I’m good at making Calabar soups, Afang and Edikaikong.

Oh yes.


What’s your honest opinion about the culture of families eating out?  

I’m not in support of it, once in three months is not a bad idea though. Eating together creates more family bond.


Where do you love most for your vacation both in Nigeria and abroad? 

I don’t do vacation in Nigeria. I’m a workaholic. I expend all my time both at work and with my famil. I spend my vacation in America.


Tell us your favourite eatery within Nigeria and what do you enjoy most visiting the place. 


What do you enjoy doing at leisure time? 

I enjoy making beads at my leisure.


What inspires and influences your lifestyle? 

My Christian faith does.


What’s your honest view about life? 

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is unfair and unpredictable. You cannot imagine what’s going to happen the next moment. But yes, life is an opportunity too. Thank you.