“Mistresses Are Death Partners”…Reno Omokri’s Relationship Advice


Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s media aide, Reno Omokri doesn’t let up when it comes to dishing out relationship advice especially to men.

The author and political commentator took to social media to once again share his opinion with followers especially the male folk.

In his latest wisdom nugget, Reno Omokri certified mistresses as death partners as he delineated between them, wives and bosses/investors.

He revealed that a wife is a life partner, a boss/investor, a business partner while a side chic is a death partner.

He noted that wives and bosses/investors add value to you while a side chic destroys men by feeding their weaknesses.

He went on to compare men to rats, stating that mistresses use the greed of these men to entice and then entrap them.

He finished off by categorically stating that ‘Side chic are EVIL!’