Meet ‘Day-9’, Hottest Rapper In Town



Day-9 is not your everyday singer. He is young in age, young in music. But he is surely making waves in the hearts of lovers of good songs. The dude, who is fast moving upwards in the industry, shares his future plans with the editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, in the chance encounter. Read and enjoy…


What really drives your passion for singing?

The love for the art. It’s just beautiful to create music and the best moments, my life have been centered around music, it’s creation, it’s performance and so on. It completes me.

What type of music did you grow up listening to which influenced your passion for singing?

I had a lot of influence from listening to gospel music, which led me to playing the drums and playing the piano at beginners level, at least. I listened to a lot of rap and RnB. I love jazz too and soul music a lot.

Who among the star singers have you featured with and who are the others you are looking up to collabo with?

I have worked with no star singer yet but I intend to work with anyone who I vibe with. I look forward to working with bigger acts too.

Your first experience on the stage was at which event, and what was it like?

It was a faculty dinner and I didn’t even have a song, so I did freestyle with a friend who played the guitar. It was lovely. I actually met my producer due to that performance. He is Major 1.

So you write your own songs or you buy them?

Yes, I write all my songs and write for other people as well.
Which is the dream concert you wish to perform in?

Lol. I don’t know if the Grammy’s is far-fetched but I’d like that. But locally, a star trek in Lagos won’t be bad.

Most Hip-Hop singers are influenced to sing by poor backgrounds, is it the same with you?

Hip hop as a genre was borne out of a struggle, you know. A struggle for the Black folks to be able to speak their own way, tell their own story, on their own terms. So whatever the case is, rich or poor, you’re trying to tell a story. It could be your story or another’s. But I didn’t grow up rich neither did I grow up poor. Let’s just say we had it easy.

What’s the most difficult experience you’ve encountered as a singer?

Not just as a singer but as a rapper as well. I guess putting your music out there is still a challenge even when you eventually gain some relevance.

What’s your brand of music and what message do you pass across in your songs?

I don’t want to put my music in a box by branding it. I am very versatile, without being immodest.  I like to explore new grounds with the art. So I just do music as it comes to me. Message in my music is hence prone to dynamism.

How do you plan to embrace fame when it eventually comes?

Well I plan to live a simple life as much as I can.

Tell us about your popular songs and how many so far have you.

 I wouldn’t say I have that popular song yet, but I have recorded a few potential hits. My official Single will drop this first week of March 2016 and I know it’s going to be a banga! And I believe it is!
Day-9 is a unique stage name, how did you arrive at that?

I came up with the name after I recorded my first real joint album and I did have no stage name yet. My producer saved the file with the date.  I came back another day to pick up the joint song and I just came up with the name, ‘Day9’.

Was music your childhood dream?

Yes, I have always loved music, even though at a point in the university, I was carried away with politics and school works. I was president of my department and I graduated 2nd best in my set. Music for me was still and always would top my priority list.
Tell us about your family background and the support shown by your parents when you took up singing.

I come from a family of four. I’m the last child of my parents. And my parents have been very supportive with their prayers and blessings.
What’s the next surprise thing coming the way of your fans?

Well am dropping my official single first week in March. They should watch out for that one.