Kwara Governor Loses Uncle


Governor AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq lost an uncle, Alhaji Uthman AbdulRazaq to the cold hands of death last week. Alhaji Uthman AbdulRazaq who died at 72 gave up the ghost  after a brief illness.  The governor  joined other family members  including Dr Alimi AbdulRazaq to attend  the Janazzah  prayer held for the deceased  at the Ilorin Muslim Burial Ground, Ilorin  on Thursday. An Islamic Cleric, Alhaji Abdulraheem Oniwasi, who delivered a short sermon  reminded Muslims of the need to work hard in accordance with the dictates of Islam in order to be rewarded accordingly in the grave. He noted that the grave is no respecter of any personality on the surface of the earth except for those who  keep to the commandments of God.

 Oniwasi urged Muslims to always be conscious and carry out their duties to Allah to earn God’s favour on the day of judgment.  Professor Hamzat Abdulraheem of  the Kwara State University and Dr. Mohammed Ghali of the University of Ilorin prayed Allah to forgive the shortcomings of the deceased and make Aljanah fridaus his final abode.