Jay Boogie Suffers Kidney Injuries, Begs For Public Help


Daniel Anthony, a.k.a. Jay Boogie, lifestyle influencer has cried out in agony for assistance after disclosing the deteriorating state of his health based on recent test results.

Recall that the transgender patient suffered serious complications from a Brazilian Butt Surgery a few weeks prior, which led to damage to both of his kidneys.

Jay Boogie continued to ask well-meaning Nigerians for financial support and kidney donations in a recent update posted on his Instagram page, as his condition worsened.

The transgender reflected on how his life completely changed after undergoing surgery on October 31, 2023, and said that his test results did not indicate that his health had improved.

Jay pleaded desperately for assistance to survive his current state of mind, sharing a video of himself getting checked out and taking a drip while in bed.

“I’m dying y’all, please help me,” he wrote while reposting a video from his page on his Instagram story.

Captioning same video on his page, he wrote, “31/10/23 my life made a switch, I don’t even know me anymore and I’ve been through struggles battling with acute kidney injury and more.

I have had a plasmapheresis, yet I’m still unstable, the test results states my health is deteriorating. I honestly need sincere and genuine help.”