Irish Born Nigerian Footballer, David Muse’s Patriotic Call


Nigerian-Irish born, David Muse has signified intention to play for the country’s Under-17 team if given the opportunity. The youthful player said that he had made up his mind to wear Nigeria’s colours in any international engagement.

David, son of Babatunde Muse was born on February 28, 2002, in Ireland. He started his football career at the age of six and after two seasons, his Dad advised him to put a hold on football to allow him concentrate, so that he can further assess his strength in sports. “At the age of 10, I went back to football with full passion and determination to make my Dad and the family proud.

At this stage, we had to relocate to England from Ireland to improve on my football skills. On my first trial with Kempston Tigers (Division three) football team, I made a remarkable impression on the coach which made him sign me on.” As the season continued, I scored 20 goals. As a result of my outstanding performance, Kempston Lions(Division one) coach urged me to play for them and my manager was happy for me to progress to Division one. All through the seasons, I have since been approached by various club managers, one of which was Athletico Europa Under-16 which was a year above my age group then but my Dad turned down their offers.” I also offered a place at MK dons academy but my Dad turned it down. My interest in Nigeria came on my first visit to Nigeria and I was moved by some of the stuff that I saw and I made a decision to play and support Nigeria with my talent as Nigeria is my heritage. I strongly believe that I will be an asset to the Nigerian Golden Eaglets if given the opportunity to do so. I also won the player of the Year Award for Kempston Lions (Div One) last season. On why he wanted his son to play for Nigeria, Muse said: ”Nigeria is his heritage and I have always impressed it on all my children. I believe this is the only way for me and my family to give back to the society that gave me my foundation and identity. David’s Dad confirmed that he has just moved to Bedford United Youth Football Club and St. Neots Football Academy.