I Almost Chose Career Over Education -Queen of The Ink, Chioma Nwangwu


Passion. This is what glues a greater percentage of Nollywood players together the make-believe profession. So many people dream the movies – to be part and parcel of it but along the line, it is only those with passion for it that survives the heat.


Chioma Nwangwu, one of the rising players in Nollywood aka Queen of The Ink, for excelling therein, comes to mind. Venturing into the terrain as an undergraduate, the beginning was too demanding that the only option left for her was to drop one for the other.

Chioma Nwangwu

‘As she put it, ‘’the initial experience was hard and tough such that I thought of letting one go, then it was my school that came to mind. But on a second thought I decided to keep on combining and today I have graduated and still on the job. Fact is, education is a key factor in everything,’’ she began.


Workaholic Chioma, just in her early twenties, looks truly cut out for the profession. She is a script writer, production assistant and actress. She has graced many hit movies that featured a galaxy of stars.


‘’I came into the movie industry because it gives me joy and I have passion for it. There is joy in doing what one loves. I am optimistic that something positive will come out of it both within and outside the shores of this country.’’


She recalled some of the difficult moments she faced along the line to meet up with the demands of both challenges. ‘’Sometimes I missed lectures and sometimes I abandoned the job offers. I actually had the opportunity of calling my people at home for help but somehow I felt I was grown enough to pay the bills myself. Not even mummy would call to scold me over overstressing myself at a young age. All the same I braced up, and everything became history eventually.’’


Today, the beautiful Anambra State graduate of Mass Communication would take a curseory look at the entire situation and retort, ‘’my past was rough, tough, painful and stressful. I remember when I would give out my scripts to producers for free, just to make sure I’m moving. In fact tears were not enough, but my people kept encouraging me albeit they didn’t support me from the beginning until they discovered that I was rooted for it.’’


Now devoting all her energy, time and life to the Nollywood, Chioma would readily and proudly confront one with the popular parlance that, ‘’what God cannot do does not exist’’ as she tells more of her stories. ‘’My name is going cinematic and I’m sure I would go international as i intensify efforts to work with brands that would project me further.’’


Continuing, she however agreed that ‘’there is enough competition in the industry that one must continue to work hard to be able to sustain the tempo. J am doing just that. There is also the ‘’bad belle’’ factor where people, out of jealousy or hatred, try to edge you out by lying against you. I thank God for everything so far.’’