From CCC to Pentecostal: The Story of The Glory of Bethlehem Church of Christ


Pastor Oye Folorunsho is a Pastor with The Glory of Bethlehem Church of Christ, a CCC church which metamorphosed into a Pentecostal ministry.  It is located at 14, Esho Akinlotan Street, Olubodun, Ipaja, Lagos. In this interview with Akin Sokoya, Pastor Folorunsho opened up on the inspiration behind the change of doctrine….


Tell us about yourself

I am Pastor Oye Folorunsho from The Glory of Bethlehem Church of Christ, located at 14, Esho Akinlotan Street, Olubodun, Ipaja, Lagos.


Tell us about your church activities

The church is a Pentecostal ministry.  It was formerly a CCC that started about 10 years ago.  With divine inspiration via Prophet Bosun Oyebo, God inspired him from a white garment to Pentecostal church in December, 2016.  God has been so faithful in bringing people from afar into the ministry.  I want to believe that God is not interested in the multitude but in the individual that He can increase to make a multitude.  Starting between Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th December 2017, we will be having a power-packed vigil from 11.00pm.

The programme is tagged “Oh Lord!  Take Off My Yoke” and there will be an Annual Thanksgiving Service on 17th Sunday, December, 2017 tagged “The New Beginning” to commemorate the change from white garment church to Pentecostal.  For the church activities, there is always an anointing service in the morning which is anchored by Prophet Bosun Oyebo.  It is good morning anointing service titled “Oh Lord, Wipe Away My Tears”.  This programme holds every Tuesday between 8.00am and 12noon. Every second Friday of the month we have vigil which is tagged: “A Night of Restoration of Glory”.  The Sunday service kicks off with Sunday School by 8.00am and the normal service picks up by 9.00am till 11.30pm. Every first Sunday of the month is church Thanksgiving Service.


What has changed at the ministry since it metamorphosed from white garment to Pentecostal?

The mode of worship has changed because everything has to align with the scriptures.  Our doctrine is not out of the context of the Bible.  We live and eat with the Bible and do the normal Pentecostal kind of worship.  We believe in the trinity and the anointing too.  In the white garment, they don’t put on their shoes into their sanctuary but now we can put on our shoes and work into the sanctuary without any guilt.


Are you a full-time pastor?

No, I also work. I want to believe that there is nothing like part-time worshippers with God.  You need to hold yourself for you to become devoted.   Like one of my pastors will say, he says the most viable business on earth is to be in partnership with Christ Jesus. The new testament says “I Must Do The Work of He That Sent Me.”.  Doing God’s work is also business and work, I am also working to support the ministry to make the work to move forward and God has been blessing me.


How did God inspire you to work for Him?

I got the inspiration while I was growing up.  People have been calling me pastor and that one day I will become one. It is not coincidental, it is something I have passion for.  While in school, whatever I said into people’s lives always became reality.  Like two of my friends in school, a male and female, I told one that he would be posted to Kaduna for NYSC and other to Jos in Plateau State and it all came to pass.  I had not come into the ministry then.


How do you cope with the challenges?

Challenges are part of life if only you persist. Persistence breaks resistance.


As a good-looking pastor, how do you overcome temptation from women?

It is normal for temptation to come but it has to be with discipline. Being discipline is to become an ardent follower of Jesus Christ. If you commit yourself for a project in life and you look back, it means you are not fit for

that project.  When a temptation is coming, you will definitely know, you will have to be steadfast in your spirit to be able to overcome it.


Tell us about your background.

I grew up in the family of eight, five boys and three girls.  I am the sixth child.


Lead us into your educational background.

I am a B.SC holder of Physics/Electronics; I graduated in 2006 and proceeded to NYSC in 2007 in Kano State.