Falz Blows Hot: “Why I Sing Against Runs Girls’


Falz TheBahd guy has reacted to being referred to as a “slut shamer” as many ladies believe his songs always make him look that way with lyrics that attack commercial sex workers.

This issue came up during the launch of his new album, Moral Instruction,


which came out on 15th of January 2019.

The album launch was organized in form of a school with some of the organizers dressed like students and Falz in front of a board teaching, a practical format of what he is set to do with his album, to morally instruct.

During the launch, a lady asked him to address the rumour that he loves slut-shaming.

In response, Falz said;

“Oh wow, feminist in the building. Shamelessly, I’ll continue to say it, I detest transactional sex. It’s my pain, it’s what I believe in. You’ll continue to hear it in my music whether you like it or not. And I’ll explain to you. Now the same feminist that will say the woman is free to do what she wants to do and who am I to tell the woman not to put herself up for money, the same feminist that will say that women are being objectified and that is not allowed. Now you are that same person that is going ahead to commodify yourself, you’ve turned yourself into a commodity. Self-objectification, self-commodification, I detest it and I’ll continue to detest it. Their argument often is that I speak about the runs girls and I don’t often talk about the guys or the aristo men or whatever, if you’re going to talk about an epidemic, obviously you’re going to use the more popular scenario, the more relatable scenario and that is why I always use the runs girls scenario.”