Big Aunty To The Rescue!



I quickly flashed him a smile. “Hmm, my darling, don’t you ever tire of having me to yourself all the time?” I’d thrown at him, just to conceal the fact that I was worried.

“What are you talking about, Anita, how can any man possibly get tired of a pretty young woman like you? Of course, I’m not tired, and I don’t wish to be.” He’d thrown back at me.

“So, again I ask, do we have a deal?” he asked, pulling me closer.

“No, problems, your wish is my command. Anything you want, anyhow you want it, I’m all yours,” I assured him, kissing him lightly on the lips.

“But give me a minute, MD, let me go talk to my big Aunty friend first and then come back to let you know exactly when we should be back,” I said to him.

He said it was okay and I dashed off to Aunty Maggie’s apartment.

“Aunty, there’s a little problem oh.”

“What is it again?” she asked, puzzled. “MD says you can’t go?”

“No, he said I can.”

“So, what’s the problem, then?”

“He said he’s here to have a good time with me..”

“Good time? I don’t understand…”

“MD wants to make love to me tonight!”

Aunty Maggie stared at me for a moment and then burst into laughter…

I didn’t understand why she was laughing so seriously. This is a matter that was really bugging me and here she was making light of it. What I wanted from her was some advice that could help me deal with the situation, not for her to laugh at me.

“Aunty, what’s so funny now, why are you laughing? This is a serious matter now,” I’d thrown at her, trying to suppress my anger.

“I’m sorry, dear, I didn’t mean to laugh like this, I’m just surprised, that’s all,” she’d replied.

“Surprised? About what?” I asked, puzzled.

“I mean, I’m surprised that all the displeasure MD was showing about your going out is all because he wants to ‘chop something’, abi?”

I couldn’t react. I didn’t know what to make of what she’d said. I found it slightly amusing too. A faint smile appeared on my face but I quickly wiped it off.

“But I understand, sha, body no be wood,” she continued, sensing I wasn’t ready to say anything that would encourage her line of conversation. My husband’s personal lifestyle is not for public discuss and I wasn’t ready to break that rule now. “And I guess the fact that he’s not always here makes it normal that anytime he comes, he will want to…you know…”


“Aunty, what are we going to do now?” I shot at her, forcing her to return her focus on the issue at hand. “How do I deal with this situation? What do I tell MD when I come back and can’t do anything with him? Or do I cancel the trip altogether?”

Aunty smiled. “Okay, you tell me, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, Aunty, that’s why I’m asking you to help me here,” I answered.

“Okay, can we reschedule the trip to the clinic and do this another time so you can spend time with your husband?”

“No, no, Aunty!” I’d promptly replied. “I have to get rid of this thing as quickly as possible before MD would notice what’s happening and start monitoring me.”

Aunty was silent for a while, then, seconds after, her face lit up with excitement. “Yes, I’ve got it! ” she exclaimed with excitement.

“What is it, Aunty, what solution have you got?”

“The solution is a simple one; you will simply tell your husband when you return from the clinic that your period suddenly gushed out on your way home and it’s giving you severe menstrual pain!”

…to be continued