Bad Business: Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim Moves Businesses To Dubai!


A close source has revealed to Global Excellence magazine that billionaire businessman and politician, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, has shifted his business base to the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai.

The Ondo State born PDP gubernatorial hopeful, the source revealed, was said to have relocated with a view to reorganize and re-launch his businesses especially the ones he had rested allegedly due to the prevailing economic situation of Nigeria at the moment.


His newspaper companies, no doubt, have ceased to produce while other investments owned by him are not functioning as expected.


For a mega businessman like Jimoh, noted the source, Nigeria, with her fluctuating economy, does not help corporate viability.

Though the source said Jimoh is still financially okay, he took the decision to move out of Nigeria in order to remain afloat.


Besides, he wished to move his businesses to Dubai because that is where had made the headquarters of his international transactions for a long time.


-Akin Alade