Ajibulu: Nigeria’s Potentials For Greatness Still Potent, Citizens Must Show Patriotism



A social media influencer, communication consultant, writer and publisher of Veracity Desk (veracitydesk.com.ng), Mr. Emmanuel Ajibulu on Wednesday, said despite the challenges confronting the nation, Nigeria was better as a united nation.



The media personality made the remarks in Accra on Tuesday during a 2-day retreat with some online publishers in the country. He expressed optimism that the nation would overcome its current challenges and shock all its critics.



The UNILAG trained journalist also urged writers to change the narratives of painting Nigeria black, whilst also cautioning those who often preach messages of hate, tribalism, religious disintegration to stop.



“I have always advocated that we create a positive narrative about our country, promote that which is good about us, engender that which is thriving, and attend to the deep concerns that have affected our country in a mature and sober way.



“With what’s available before us, relative peace and appreciable security, a friendly and educated people, rich endowments in natural resources, one of the most urbanised countries in sub-Saharan Africa, great water resources and fertile soils, remarkable wildlife and fauna, we have the hallmark to be the greatest nation in the region.



“Yet we are locked in perennial negative narratives that divide us more than they unite us.
And threaten to create a chasm over the unity our people have enjoyed for decades.



“We have prioritised political success over development imperatives, championed hate over love and sacrificed our future at the altar of immediate expediency. We must change the narratives of painting Nigeria black and those who often preach messages of hate, tribalism, religious disintegration need to stop, engender patriotism and ultimately be socially responsible in their reportage.



“Looking at the miracle of Nigeria, I am convinced that we would continue to remain united, strong and prosperous, though we have not reached our desirous destination, the reality is that we are closer, therefore we should not lose focus or rest on our oars. The road to greater Nigeria begins with every one of us.


“Nigerians are great and admirable people that have set an an enviable bar too high for any country or region in Africa. We have grown our democracy for decades, a country where the opposition party have registered electoral victory without crisis.



“We have fought for others; democracy, freedom and independence and bequeathed nations with the victory of their right to self-rule. Besides the circumstances swirling around us, we are great people. Our leaders across board must continue to invest in our people and as well in the country. Let us build our country then we would be an envy for all in the comity of nations.” The infopreneur stated.