4,000 Nigerians on Watchlist to Be Arrested on Sight


The Nigeria Immigration Service has revealed that no fewer than 3,964 Nigerians are currently on its watch list.

According to Immigration, the names of these persons have been circulated to various security agencies at the nation’s international airports where they will be arrested on sight.

The 2020 NIS annual report suspect index had noted that 308 persons were placed on the watch list in 2019, 166 in 2020, while 51 persons were stop-listed in two years.

No fewer than 3, 438 passports are also being watched, while 23 are on the exemption list.

The Immigration report states, “Suspect index reviews and maintains the list of persons whose entry into Nigeria is prohibited; or on whom special instructions are in place with respect to entry and departure from Nigeria. The travel documents are the instruments used to achieve this objective; through synergy with other law enforcement agencies and court of competent jurisdiction.”