World’s 1st Full-Fledged 100% Internet Church, Cyber Embassy, Organizes 40 Days Of Purpose

World's 1st Full-Fledged 100% Internet Church, Cyber Embassy, Organizes 40 Days Of Purpose


The Cyber Embassy Of Christ, the world’s 1st full-fledged 100% internet church, launches 40 Days of Purpose Challenge, to help 1,000s across the world answer the question: “Why On Earth Am I Here?”

According to Pastor Ope Banwo, The Vision Overseer, when The Cyber Embassy Of Christ, launches its 40 Days of Purpose Challenge, exclusively online in April, it will be the first church to do an all-online version of such a programme, which has transformed millions of people all over the world, using only the internet as a means of delivery and participation.

An estimated 30,000 churches worldwide have reportedly experienced the 40 Days Of Purpose phenomena inspired by a Californian pastor’s best-selling book.

”This is, however, the very first time that the expansive 40-Day Spiritual campaign will be done exclusively online, with all parts of the challenge taking place on different social media, instead of physical locations, as people shelter in place from the Corona pandemic.

This spiritual journey meant to discover our real purpose in life and develop spiritually is very crucial in the life of every human being. It is not just enough to exist in this world, even as a believer, it is important to know why we are here and what God put us in this world to do. Spiritual growth is an expectation of God from all His children and we are very excited to organize this campaign at The Cyber Embassy Internet Church”.

Apostle Alex Macdonald, the campaign director of the programme, said; “We also thank God that over 1,100 people have already registered for this online-based ‘40 Days of Purpose’ Spiritual Growth Challenge from more than 40 different countries. It is our expectation that this programme will lead to spiritual growth revival in all our members, visitors, friends and members of the public all over the world who participate in this exciting Spiritual Growth Program of reading one chapter a day from the ground breaking book, “Purpose Driven Life”

At the center of the campaign is the best-selling hard-back book in American history, according to Publisher’s Weekly, titled “The Purpose Driven Life”. This book has reportedly sold more than 30 million copies since its release in 2002.

During the 40 Days of Purpose campaign at The Cyber Embassy, Banwo declared that ”the truths about God’s five purposes for people – Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, ministry, and evangelism, will be communicated repeatedly in seven different ways over a 40 day period. They are, an all-church Kick Off on our church digital platform on Facebook via our ; a weekly message by the pastor at Sunday morning services; a personal or family Daily devotional reading where everyone reads a chapter a day in the book for 40 days; a weekly Scripture memory Verse that everyone memorizes; a weekly small group discussion in any of 32 small groups created on social media (Whatsapp and Facebook) to help participants discuss with a small group of people each day; a daily E-mail and text message of encouragement for all, and daily Live Bible study mastermind with a panel of four pastors everyday on Facebook/ YouTube /LinkedIn to discuss the chapter of the day and answer questions.”

With these seven omnipresent strategies to get the same message across to the 1,000s of participants every day, Banwo assures, “people will hear about God’s purposes for their lives in many different formats.”

Dr. Banwo further clarified that the campaign is not just for members of The Cyber Embassy but also for all people everywhere ”who are interested in discovering and assimilating God’s purposes for their lives.”

Dr. Ope Banwo