World Seer, Prophet Faleyimu Speaks On State Of The Nation and What Ooni of Ife must Do To Have A Stable Wife


The Founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracles Church of Christ, Prophet (DR) Olagunroye Faleyimu in this most-revealing interview with AKIN SOKOYA says Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo can’t succeed President Buhari, what Ooni of Ife must do to have a stable marriage, Buhari will be the last APC President, Funke Akindele needs more prayers, among other predictions. Excerpts…


Now that President Buhari has overcome his health challenge and returned to Nigeria after spending 104 days at hospital abroad, what did God tell you about him and his administration?

I have said it earlier that President Buhari will not die.  He has only gone to acquire more power for 104 days while he travelled abroad.  The moment they circulated death rumours about him strengthened him the more to live longer.  He is going to complete his first tenure, contest for another tenure and win and run the second tenure, his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo will not succeed him. He is going to win in more than 24 states in 2019 elections.  He will win all the Northern states.  On completion of his eight years tenure, Buhari will hand-over to the Messiah in 2023.  God revealed to me that Buhari will be the last President for APC.


Governor Ayodele Fayose has always been in the news, what has God told you about him?

I have said it earlier that if Governor Fayose and Ibori did not pray very well, they would end in jail.  See what has happened to Ibori, I even said it again that the coming of Fayose as the governor of Ekiti State would make him suffer for his atrocities which he can’t escape.  Fayose has to pray for forgiveness and pray fervently not to end in jail like Ibori.


Did you see anything about Allison Madueke?

I have said it earlier, that God will take her life after she might have suffered for her crime.  That is part of what she is going through with the alarming rate of confession and money laundering crime she is going through.


What do you have to say about the recession coming to an end in Nigeria?

I have said it earlier that money will not circulate, the rich will get richer while the poor will get poorer except they involve in farming.  The coming back of Buhari would not bring any miracle.  He will only do some certain assignment God has assigned him to do.  Nigeria will settle in 2025, after the messiah might have emerged. Buhari will hand-over to the messiah, a Yoruba President in 2023, then after two years, the country will normalize.  Nigeria will not be divided.  Every effort to divide Nigeria will not work.


Do you foresee any crisis between President Buhari and his Vice, Osinbajo?

No crisis can separate them.  If they have any crisis, it will be resolved.


Who is the messiah that is coming after Buhari?

The messiah that will take over from Buhari is a Revered, man of God, he is going to be a General Overseer of a church.


What about the entertainers?

I have told them to pray so as not to lose 20 of them, they should not stop praying. Some people criticized me that I said Funke Akindele would not have children.  I want to clear myself here; what I said was that, she has to pray ceaselessly to have a child.  We thank God that God has answered her and she is pregnant.  After putting to bed, she should continue in ceaseless prayers for God to sustain the children for her.


PDP has been bragging that it will take over the government from APC government come 2019 elections, is this possible?

That is not possible, God said their last cabinet was Jonathan’s administration, they cannot win 15 states in 2019 elections.  In 2018, some PDP politicians will decamp to APC.  Atiku cannot rule Nigeria till his last breath.


Under which party will the messiah contest?

APC and PDP party would have been condemned and a new party would be introduced.


Any prophecy on TB Joshua?

God said he should continue to pray for himself because his time is near to finish his work on earth.


What did God show you about Gani Adams?

He has to pray fervently against fatal accident because enemies want to attack him.  They are targeting him.  God also warns him to caution what comes out of his mouth and respect elders.


What is the last word for Nigerian economy?

I am repeating again that Nigerian flag should be changed from Green White Green; if not, it would continue to blow problem for the nation.  If this present cabinet can’t change it, the messiah that is coming to take over from Buhari will change it.  Our present leaders are not following God’s instructions but the messiah when he emerges will do God’s wish.


Do you have any prophecy on Sade Tinubu-Ojo, The Iyaloja General of Nigeria?

God told me that she is a promising child.  If she wants to have a child, she needs guidelines.  If she follows it, she will have child(ren).  God also told me that his father, needs prayers to witness 2019 elections but he can’t witness 2023.


Do you have any prophecy on Pastor E. A. Adeboye?

I told him when he celebrated his 69th birthday that God said he should resign as G. O. of RCCG to be able to earn long life but if he refused, he might not be too old before he dies.  Last year, he stepped aside but did not fully resign but I wonder if it is the government policy that made him to still hold the position.  He said it recently that he cannot reach 80 years before he dies; that confirmed what God told me. He came to me in the dreams and delivered some messages God said, I should take note of what he told me in the dream.  God told me the time, year and date that he would die and other popular pastors’ time, years were revealed to me.


Could you mention some pastors that their time is near?

Adeboye, TB Joshua, and others.  If God permits me to mention other pastors’ names that will die soon, I will do it in my 2018 predictions.  If Pastor Adeboye had resigned honourably as G. O., God revealed to me that he might spend 92 years.


What is going to happen in Anambra election?

The ruling party will still win in these elections and retain the cabinet.


Do you have any prophecy on Ooni of Ife?

He is a promising child, for him to have a stable marriage; he must do a special prayer.  Thereafter, he must marry two wives.  His estranged wife also has to observe special prayers before she could find another husband and has a child, the reason being that she has a spiritual husband.


Do you still have any prophecy on Fayose?

The chieftaincy title he received recently would be used to capture him.  You will soon see his downfall because the title was given to him by the witch and wizards to plan his downfall. Fayose is not respecting elders and he is misbehaving a lot.