Women Hardly Get Involved In Fraud, Says Kwara Communication Commissioner


Kwara state Commissioner for Communication, Hon Harriet Adenike Afolabi Oshatimehin said penultimate Friday that women hardly get involved in fraud .

She also asserted that women holding position of authority are usual kind to the people.

She  commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for taking decision to give a voice to the women in his administration.

Nine among the sixteen -member Kwara state executive council  are women.

The commissioner stated this while talking to journalists at the secretariat of the Correspondents’ Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Kwara state council in Ilorin.

‘To a large extent, there hasn’t been anything like fraud coming from the women because you know that you men, you have many tentacles.

You have many people you want to extend your hand to. As such you get pushed while trying to do that.

The pressure is there.

In many instances,  you find out that men get involved in what they are not supposed to do. But for women, the fear is there that  you would not want  to taint your image . And I would say that, to a large extent, that there could have been a lot of that under this administration, but with the majority of the cabinet members as women that has been greatly minimized.

I will cite an example of what happened at the Ministry of Agriculture where I just left. They tried to carry me along in a fraudulent sale of certain forms but the moment it came to my table that  the forms had to be sold, the first thing I asked was that, ‘do you have approval for this?

They said that the Permanent Secretary gave an approval and I knew that that was wrong . And you know because I was a woman and I know the implications of my name being dragged through  the mud, I was able to think through it very well. And the moment it escalated, the concerned people came to me to say this and this was what had happened.

I stopped the sale of the forms and they still went behind me to do it thinking she’s a woman, we can do what we want to do. They sold about 15,000 forms. They remitted about less than 3,000 forms’ proceeds, thinking that if they do that nothing will happen.

What I am saying in essence is that such thing happened because a woman was there. And several other ministries are like that.

Women are also very conservative. You men, we pull you at home. We need this, we need that. Many at times because of such pressures, you also overlook some things or rather it pushes you to do some other things that are not supposed to be done. But in the case of the women, when she’s given N10,000 to go to market, if you give a man same amount of money, the man wouldn’t be able to do what a woman would do. We are very conservative and that has helped this government a big deal. Considering the state we met this state, it would have been difficult to do anything, if, in the first instance, we don’t have a conservative principal, and as well a conservative executive council.

Another thing that has been a plus in having large number of women in Kwara cabinet is what we are enjoying today having this interaction. Women are motherly. We want to help people out. We want to know your concern genuinely, and where we can come in. And that’s what we need in Kwara of today. There are lots of complaints. People have been bruised and battered. And who can then listen to them? Women have listening ears. And we try to put in our best. And these facts have really played out under this administration and our boss, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has  had his decision to  appoint nine women as commissioners justified’ she said