Women Beware! I’m coming For You! (5)


After the food, we all went to bed. Mark stayed three days in my place and within those days, I knew what I expended for his well being. I thought I was being nice to an in-law to be. All along, Lisa never went to school and stayed back ‘to keep Mark company’, as she said. On one or two occasions, my friends had drawn my attention to the fact that Mark and Lisa were up to something else and one of them even swore he saw them making love. I treated such information as mere hearsay because my Lisa was a ‘virgin’ or so I thought.

Then, on the fourth day, something happened. I had gone down for work as usual but around twelve noon, my friend, Wale, hurried to the school and was shouting my name at the top of his voice. I thought he was about to start telling me that he had caught Lisa with Mark making love and this time, I was ready to tell him to go to hell. I sauntered to him and he took me aside and said.

“Boy, just come home now. Something is fishy,” “If it is about Lisa’s activities forget it. Keep your discoveries to yourself.”

“Come off this high horse and come along,” he said, almost dragging me along. I went with him and as we were approaching the house, I saw some of my friends gathering at my doorstep, some murmuring to themselves and some putting their hands across their heads. The first thought that came to my mind was that something was wrong with Lisa. I broke into a run, leaving Wale behind and galloped to my room. I went in between friends and pushed open my door. As I stepped into the room, I lost the centre of my gravity and came falling down in a dead faint. For, my room, that I left in the morning was not the one I met. All my things were gone. It was as if a broom had been used to sweep the room. Everything in the room was taken, my sound system, television, video, bed, I mean, everything. Even my broom. Nothing was spared.

I went and opened the false ceiling I kept the money the principal gave me to buy balls and jerseys and boots and other equipments. The amount was N72,000. I almost went mad at this discovery. My friends then told me what happened. After I’d gone to school, a pick up van came into the compound and they started herding my things into it. Wale, who had not yet gone to school, came out to find out why and he was pushed into the room at gun point and when he went in, he saw two of my other friends were already there lying on the ground and it was Lisa who was guarding them with a gun.

“Uncle Wale, I hate to do this but I must. Join the rest and be on the floor or else I will be forced to put some bullets into you. I am not as innocent as you thought I was. I am an hard core gangster and Mark is my boyfriend! Your friend, Victor, is fun to be with but he is a fool! He thought I was in love with him but I have never loved him once in my life, so this is the last you will see of me!”

Wale said with that, Mark and his two cohorts loaded all my things into the pickup van and left. I sat down gloomily and looked down. Then Wale put his hand into his pocket and brought out the devastating notes. I felt threatened but then, I had to do something. Lisa had once told me she was from Benin in Edo State and had told me their street number. I then took off for Benin and was lucky to trace the street and house number she gave me.

There, I got another shocker, I met some impoverished couple in a thatched house and they told me they were Lisa’s parents and how Lisa had refused to listen to them and joined a bad group, smoking and taking drugs and doing all sorts of vices. I was shocked beyond words but still I decided to check on Lisa. I got in touch with some rough guys in town and with a little cash, they were ready to tell me where I could locate Lisa but I was warned to keep clear because the gang was one of the deadliest in town.

I decided to brave all odds and get to the root of the issue. I took off to where I was directed. As I was going, I had a vague feeling I was being followed but I had always prided myself on being a tough guy. As I was about entering the notorious Park lane where I was told the hide out was, four young guys seemed to materialise from nowhere and stood two to each side of me. Without saying a word, they walked like that with me in their midst to a derelict house down the road. It was a flat but all the paintings were worn out and there was this aura of non occupancy from the outside. I was about passing the front of the house when one of my escorts said in drug induced voice, “Better not try anything funny,” I was led into the house and in the sitting room, there were about 20 young men and women all wearing panties and fillies and there was thick smoke of Indian hemp in the room. They were all playing cards or smoking and about one or two were injecting themselves. I scanned around the room but did not see Lisa or Mark and I was almost tempted into thinking that I was misled when one of the guys got up, came into my face and the heavy smell made me stager back.

“You are looking for your darling, lover boy.” It was more of a statement. I did not utter a word. The guy gave me a slap and ordered others to take away my ‘Particulars’. I wondered what he meant but I didn’t have much time wonder because the others descended on me and in seconds, my watch, necklace, bracelets, belts and shoes were gone. The guy now ordered them to lead me to go and see. They all laughed at this as if it was the greatest joke of the century. I was blindfolded and let into another room in the house. The blindfold was lifted off my eyes and took sometime before my eyes could focus and when it did, I was shocked at what I saw.

Lying right there on the floor, making serious love were Mark and my former jewel of Lisa. She was screaming with sheer delight and her fingers were dipped into Mark’s back. In the corner of the room, my television and video laid and soft music was coming out of my radio in another corner. Pilled in another corner were my bags, clothes, shoes and other valuables. I couldn’t stomach it anymore and I charged at them but before I could move another step, the guys behind me held me back and started raining blows on me until Lisa told them to stop.

They stopped abruptly and waited while Mark banged her for sometime before he stopped and she got up from the floor and came towards me stark naked. I was shocked because she did not arouse the same feelings she used to any longer. She stood in front of me blowing smoke in my face.

“Darling Vico, I knew you will come,” she said. “I knew you were madly in love with me but sadly, you are not my stuff. I liked you as a person but you took things for granted. I never believed men could be so gullible. How could you have believed that I was still a virgin? Anyway, I am finished with you. This should be a lesson never to trust any girl again,”

“What of my things?” I had hardly finished this question when she gave me a blinding slap that stopped me in mid stream. I could not stomach it again so I lashed out and gave her a flying kick that sent her stumbling across the room and fell in a heap. And that was all I could do as the guys descended on me and beat me to a pulp. I put up a feeble fight but I was overpowered. I passed out and woke up in this orthopaedic hospital where the doctor said I was picked up by some good Nigerians at the side of the road and I had lost a lot of blood due to serious damage done to me.

My right leg was broken in three places and four of my ribs were damaged and my jaw was shattered too. My skull too had some cracks but the doctor assured me that I would soon be okay depending on my will power. I know I will be well soon and that is when the real battle will begin. My father says I should not worry about my lost property and that I should get ready to go back to school, once I am well. I know I will get well quick and get back to school so as to pick the pieces of my life. But for me, women will always be the loser where I am concerned. I have taken enough and it is now time for them to have a taste of their own bitter pill! So help me God!

To Be Continued…