Woman of God, Elishama Ideh, Declares Presidential Bid “I’m In The Race To Serve”


The ranks of those seeking to contest the office of the President ahead of 2019 general elections, recently swelled by one as popular female preacher, Dr. Elishama Rosemary Ideh, declared to contest against the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Dr. Elishama Ideh; “I want to be Nigeria’s first female president”
Promising to bring a different style to governance predicated on workable solutions, Dr. Ideh who is seeking to realise her ambition, via the platform of Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN) promised to hit the ground running upon assumption of office.
While declaring officially on Thursday in Abuja, Madam Ideh, popularly known as Elishama, said Nigeria at this time needs a different model of governance, “a leader who combines integrity with intelligence and a deep and vast understanding of the implications of the 21st global economy and Nigeria’s place in it.”

According to Dr. Elishama, who said she has seen faces of Nigeria’s past, present and future, added that she has strived to reach for workable solutions to problems and challenges peculiar to the time and place of each her engagement.

Elishama promised to reform the country’s revenue generation and allocation structure, including federal tax regimes if givien opportunity as president of Nigeria.

-Adeyinka Adeniyi