“Why Songwriters Are Not Popular” …Teniola

Teniola has once again addressed the issue of songwriting in Nigeria and how people find it difficult to accept this obvious market in the entertainment industry and to her, this is an industry problem.
The singer, recently in an interview with DJ Abass spoke about her songwriting talent and how Nigerians don’t seem open enough to embrace the much-needed skill. According to Teni, music artistes such as Rihanna use more than one songwriter on their songs and that is why the song comes out sounding the way it does.
She said;
A lot of people don’t embrace songwriters. People don’t understand that a Rihanna, for example, has about  seven songwriters on a song… do you know what it means for a song to be world class? You have different brains coming together to make it dope. So you need people and you don’t have to have a lot of resources to get songwriters, there’s something called split.
Although the ‘Case’ singer agreed that the Nigerian music industry is not yet ready to embrace concepts such as split, they’re getting there slowly but surely.
Teni and the issue of songwriting had first surfaced when fans attacked the ‘Uyo Meyo’ singer for taking pride in the fact that she wrote Davido’s ‘Like That’.
In response to their attack, the singer made it known that writing for Davido was a bittersweet experience and the fact that people don’t like it being talked about doesn’t mean big artistes don’t have their songs written by other songwriters.