Why Nollytainment Is Immortalizing Nollywood Superstars With Special NFT Collection -Jacob Odedekuma



Entertainment company, Nollytainment Inc.USA has concluded plans to redefine fans’ experience through a deeper connection between audiences, their favorite Nollywood stars, and movies. 

Thus, the company is set to break bounds and make cinematic history with the announcement of an extraordinary NFT Collection.

The extraordinary NFT Collection has been described as a heartfelt tribute dedicated to Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), Kate Henshaw, and Odun Adekola, three iconic figures of the Nigerian film industry.

Set to be unveiled under the captivating banner, “Nollywood Superstars NFT Collection,” this initiative stands as a testament to the indomitable legacies of the actors.

In an unprecedented, groundbreaking move that promises to transcend the boundaries of fan engagement and digital collectibles for Nollywood, Nollytainment Inc USA is preparing to unveil this exclusive NFT Collection to immortalize these superstars on October 1st, Nigeria’s Independence Day. This monumental fan collectible release is the first in a series of collections to honor the icons of the big screen in Nollywood, marking the beginning of a grand journey to celebrate and immortalize other illustrious Nollywood superstars.

“Each NFT in this inaugural collection represents a unique piece of Nollywood’s finest, meticulously crafted and designed to encapsulate the essence of these cinematic legends. The Nollywood Superstars NFT Collection offers fans and collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a unique and interactive piece of Nollywood history,” Jacob Odedekuma, Director of Media, Nollytainment360  Inc. USA said.

Furthermore, Odedekuma revealed that on the launch day, 1,000 of the exquisite Nollywood Super digital NFTs will be distributed for free to fans who would be chosen at random from the company’s discord server www.nolly.club, as a gesture of appreciation to the dedicated supporters who have stood by these superstars throughout their awe-inspiring careers.

He added that what sets this Nollywood Superstar NFT collection apart is its exclusivity, uniqueness, and novelty in the third-largest movie industry in the world. 

“Despite the global reach of these Nollywood icons that included 100s of millions of fans, only 10,000 exceptional collectors will ever have the privilege to own these iconic pieces of cinematic history. The number of NFTS to be minded for each of these three stars has been kept exceptionally small to create scarcity and future value in the hands of the ultimate holders.


“To partake in this historic moment, fans are invited to join and preregister for the free drawings for the first  1,000 unique NFT giveaways on the Nolly Club discord server www.nolly.club, where all distributions and giveaways to the fans to be chosen at random will take place.


“By securing their giveaway spots now, enthusiasts can ensure their place in the annals of Nollywood history. 

“Those who miss out on this special NFT Superstar collection for these icons will be able to go to the NFT secondary market at www.magicEden.com to trade or buy their unique piece of their Nollywood hero.

“As Nollytainment Inc USA continues to pioneer innovation in the entertainment industry, this initiative not only celebrates the enduring impact of Nollywood’s finest but also heralds a forthcoming series of collections. These future releases will offer fans the opportunity to celebrate and immortalize more Nollywood superstars, giving them a piece of their digital legacy as collectible NFTs.

“The Nollywood Superstars NFT Collection promises to redefine fan engagement and digital collectibles, offering an unprecedented opportunity for fans and collectors to connect with the magic of Nollywood cinema,” Odedekuma said.