“Why I Visit America Regularly” …Nollywood Hunk, Kunle Adegbite 

Kunle Adegbite

Nollywood thespian, Kunle Adegbite best known as “Star Boy” has revealed the unknown secret behind his recent incessant visitation to the Triumphs’ ruling country, USA.

Recent encounter with Kunle unfolded negative impression peddling in some quarters relating to his illegitimate link with his United State of America’s based buddies.

Before now, Kunle was being alleged to have being indulging in an unprintable business in the United State of America, which according to the mongers informed his incessant visitaction to the State.

In Contrary, Kunle vehemently debunked the rumour. According to the versatile movie maker, Kunle, “Reason behind my regular visitation to USA, is personal. I have got a lot of stuff going for me at the moment and that explained while I have been visiting America.

“I am not into any illegal business, I’m a full time actor and producer. My new movie titled “My secret” is currently enjoy the wave of the moment and it’s being marketed and distributed by Gemini film production.”