Why I Ventured into Marine, Other Businesses -Juwon Lawal       

Mr. Juwon Lawal with Africa Development Bank president, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina


Kogi State-born businessman, Juwon Lawal has said that his going into so many businesses was to enable him solve problems, be an entrepreneur and create meaningful ventures that would impact positively on the society.

According to him, “every business manager has a target in mind. Our goal is to solve problems and be entrepreneurs who create meaningful ventures that would positively impact the society while some would probably want to solve problems by creating jobs and manage their time frame, among others.”

The chief executive officer who has established several organisations within and outside the country carved a niche for himself by venturing into the oil and gas, organic and non-organic food products, marine, e-commerce, logistics and services.

His other organizations include Africent Group, Oillets Services, and Cropyfy Incorporated that span across Africa and overseas.

“I have always been interested in business even as a young person. As an undergraduate and a Master’s degree student in Management and Business Administration of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, I successfully launched my first milestone in 2007 because I am experienced in the production of palm kernel oil extraction. From there I got involved into ABD fuels that supplies marine fuels to ships along the west coast and active provider of related logistics.”

On his marine business he said: “Maritime business and its experiences have been my dream as a young person which was realized at the right time. I am very passionate about businesses just like some other people are passionate about other areas and ventures in their lives. Again, my foreign trips and its experiences have been an eye-opening adventure while administering my business. It has opened greater viable opportunities for the company and my country. African countries are good with so much to explore, but lack of infrastructure like the developed countries pose a big challenge.” He disclosed that ADB became a public liability company and was to be acquired by another firm though the transaction was not concluded, adding that ‘S8’ Contractors was established to become the subsidiary to take the activities of the upstream logistics support services.

Lawal disclosed that economic growth was a challenge across the globe even as he is optimistic that better days are ahead.

“I strongly believe in my country and that things will surely get better. I am very passionate about this country and I strongly believe in Nigeria and Africa at large. Economic growth is a challenge across the globe, but the country will get there one day looking at the growth of small and medium industries, sales, market hub, you will agree that small thriving businesses are the true reflection of a country’s economic wellbeing”.