“Why I Left Islam For Christianity” …Ace actor, Akeem Rahman


You are a renowned Nollywood actor who was from a Muslim background but later changed your religion to Christian faith, what propelled this?

I was born by Alhaji Nofiu Alaba Rahman, who happened to be the son of the great father of Islam, Chief Imam of Epe, Lagos State.  Why I am in love with Christianity is because Christ is the best way to life. The peace I am enjoying now as a Christian, I never enjoyed it while I was a Muslim. I am not condemning Islam, Islam is just a religion but Christianity is a super religion that you and I should believe in and trust. The scripture says we cannot come to him except through Jesus Christ. I don’t want to be a candidate for great tribulations because I want to rise up with Jesus when he comes back.


When did you quit Muslim religion for Christianity?

I chose to be a Christian myself. When I was serving as a banker at Union Bank, I served them for 20 years, 10 years out of it, I was in charge of Union Bank Treasury where Dollars, Euro Naira and other currencies were kept; it is not easy to hold such key of the treasury because there were lots of challenges.  It was then I realized that I needed to hold on to Jesus to save my job, because a lot of challenges were coming, I discovered that as a signatory in the bank, if I continued to stay in there because bad boys were coming into the industry, they would continue to steal money and put me into trouble.  Since I didn’t want that to happen to me, I had to embrace Jesus who saved me until I retired from the bank.


What year did you embrace Jesus?

I embraced Him in 1992 and I was attending Household of God Church where I dedicated my second son, Akeem Junior. It is not about people, it is about Christ. Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith.


Would you want to share your Christianity experience with us so far?

I am experiencing peace and joy. If you obey the 10 commandments of God, you will continue to swim in success and victory. Jesus is at the centre of everything I do now.

Which church do you now attend?

I am attending a Redeemed Church at Ajah, Lagos. I am giving more to God than Nollywood now in terms of my time.


How is your family feeling about this?

They are feeling good, my wife that gave birth to all my children was the one that took me to Redeemed Church. She had been going to Redeemed Church before I made up my mind to go there on my own.  She has been a wonderful woman, I liked what she had done to my life in terms of Christianity. When I was scouting for job as an actor, she was solidly behind me.


What have you achieved in Nollywood?

You can never achieve anything without Christ. If you cannot fall in love with Christ, you can forget about everything in your life.  He is the provider of life and all our needs in His glory. You cannot make headway in life without Christ!


What is your advice on kidnapping?

Kidnapping has become an issue in this industry.  Those who have fallen victim, I am sorry for them. I strongly believe that when Evans was caught, this would have taught some perpetrators lessons. Those still involved in it should embrace hard-work because God has assured us that He will bless the work of our hands. Why are you wasting time on evil things?. Any evil perpetrator can never make headway.


What is your plan for your faith in Christendom?

I am praying to become the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God in the future. I am dreaming big, God says we should dream big.


What is your advice to those still practising other religions outside God?

They should not waste time and tarry because Jesus Christ is coming to judge and don’t be a candidate of great tribulations.


How spiritual are you?

I am very spiritual because Pastor Nike Abimbola of RCCG at Ajah has been a great impact on me, with baptism of fire and after the baptism of water, I began to speak in tongues; I want to experience that heaven.


What were you doing in other religion that you don’t do any more as a Christian?

I am no longer a fornicator or an adulterer. I am being honest and straight forward with God; I don’t allow women to control my life.