“Why I Launched ‘LottoPlus’ …Hon. Kayode Amusan

Hon. Kayode Amusan


Lagos based businessman turned politician, Hon. Kayode Amusan, has explained his reasons for veering into the lottery business at this time. Amusan, a few days ago, launched his new business called Lotto Plus, in Lagos where top rated personalities attended. The dignitaries that honoured the Ogun State born socialite on the occasion include the former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel; the incumbent governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Ayodele Fayose; Alhaji Adamu M. Sifawa, acting director- general, National Lottery Regulatory Commission; Mr. Seun Anibaba, Chief Executive Officer, Lagos State Lotteries Board; Professor Oladapo Afolabi, former Secretary to the Government of the
Federation and CEO of Avidor Services; Prince Emmanuel Jeminiwa, and a whole lot of others. He spoke to the Editor,




I would first of all thank certain personalities for their advice and
encouragement toward the success of the Lotto Plus project. One of them is Prince Emmanuel Jeminiwa. While I also thank others who honoured us on the occasion of the public launching of the first ever-scratch card game in Nigeria.


Why I Launched ‘LottoPlus’

I have been in business for a long time under the auspices of Kamson Holdings Limited, and we have successfully engaged in several business ventures. I give glory to God for our successes recorded so far, but the journey culminating in this launching today, started about three years ago when I became curious about the gaming industry. As with my other business ventures, we searched and discovered a space within the gaming industry in which we think we can comfortably operate. We came up with a unique product calculated to give us a fair chance at creating a niche in the market.


What Stands ‘LottoPlus’ Out

We are happy and proud to tell the public that LottoPlus Scratch & Win, powered by Kamson Holdings Limited, is the latest game in town, a scratch card game that offers players unequalled, and unprecedented winnings ratio with various options. First and foremost, we figured that our product should be seamless, simple, straight forward, and transparent.

Secondly, we want to attract participation beyond what you usually see
gathering at betting houses and kiosks. With a simple and transparent game, provided in familiar non-intimidating environments, our product is calculated to attract a broad range of participants beyond what the statistics are showing us currently. Thirdly, we think in order to derive fun and satisfaction in any game of chance, participants must have the highest possible level of winning expectation. Admittedly, the licensing agencies have set a winning percentage level which has sufficiently sustained the industry so far. However, our trade secret involves exceeding the regulated percentage of winning substantially. With an unprecedented innovation, we can guarantee that the higher percentage of winning that we set for our self will be accomplished at every point, no matter how remote, where our product is sold. This innovation sets us wide apart from any other product in the industry.


We Are Modernizing The Lottery Business

Talking about our innovation of instant payment; no product in the lottery industry currently in Nigeria has a system of instant payment. With us, what you see is what you get, instantly, as it would be demonstrated to you later on in the program where some of you will actually experience instant win and payment.


The Unique Payment Mode

In summary, LottoPlus Scratch card is sold for N100 and it gives you a substantial chance of winning up to N1million. There are three easy steps which we call Buy, Scratch, and Collect. First step is to “Buy”: The card is purchased for N100 from our authorized distributors or retailers in provision shops, grocery stores, retail stores, mini marts, barber shops, beauty salons, book stores, tailor shops, boutiques, business centers, restaurants, hotels, and motels where our Authorised
Agent banner is displayed. Second step is to “Scratch”: You scratch the card to reveal the amount you win. Last step is to “Collect”: You collect the amount you won instantly from the agent. This is as simple as it gets.



Customer Security

We are encouraged by the benefits and values of LottoPlus Scratch Card. Beyond the vetting procedure which is meant to protect our customers and us, participating, as an agent is easy and inexpensive, and it is packed with
maximum benefits which multiplies as the business grows to create thousands of new jobs and business opportunities for Nigerians. Also, LottoPlus Scratch Card adds values to the retail businesses of our distributors and retailers because a winner is more likely to spend the winning for purchases where the scratch card was purchased. In addition, LottoPlus Scratch Card is an enormous revenue source for the government both at the federal and state levels which requires a certain percentage of our revenues that must be paid into special trust funds dedicated to specific government programs such as education and infrastructure development. It is our pledge to contribute as required to these public benefits.


LottoPlus Foundation

Complimentary to all of these, I would like to announce the establishment of LottoPlus Foundation through which we intend to offer charitable and public interest programs to our local communities and Nigeria at large. We are indeed excited by these opportunities. This success is a major result of focus, passion, determination and collaboration between the Federal Government and the Private sector working to diversify the lottery industry dynamics and thereby making available more options for all players to participate in lottery schemes. In doing so we have:

Expanded the possibilities of National Lotteries and gaming in
Nigeria; set precedence to increase Federal Government Revenue by
encouraging business innovation in lottery operations; captured an opportunity to actively educate the Nigerian populace on the significant potentials of lottery as a civic duty for National Development. After a rigorous process and fulfillment of all the legal and business requirements, we took a decision to issue the National Scratch Card Game Permit to Lotto Plus as this offers the National Lottery Regulatory Commission an opportunity to push and expand the boundaries of gaming and the potential of growing the internally generated revenue for the Federal Government. We also project that States in Nigeria will benefit from this opportunity in terms of wealth creation, distribution and redistribution and most importantly job creation for its residents from the operation of this lottery scheme in the various States. In all, the coming of LottoPlus has marked a turning point as it is the first legal scratch card lottery game in Nigeria, developed by Nigerians for all Nigerians of all classes above the age of 18 years.


Benefits of Playing Lottery

Lottery is a Win-Win game. Winners are economically empowered
and all players in the lottery game contribute to nation building through the proportion of funds paid back to Federal Government for the execution of Good Causes projects. I therefore encourage all Nigerians to play lottery more as a Civic Duty with the intent to contribute to nation building.