“Why I Deserve To Be Reelected” …Lagos lawmaker, ‘Omititi’


 A popular politician in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon . Abdul-Sobur Olawale Olayiwola fondly called Omititi, in this interview, speaks to Global Excellence on his achievements representing Mushin Constituency 11 at the State Assembly ahead of his re-election bid coming up March 2nd. Excerpts…

Why do you think you deserved to be re-elected by your constituents?
We give glory to Allah because when i looked back  I know have served my constituents very well. Some of the things we did was Kick Malaria Out of Mushin Project,lots of people were able to benefit from this, I achieved this in collaboration with Rotary International. On education, we were able to cloth over 60 pupils from about 5 different schools in the constituency. We did this to reduce the burden on there parents which they really appreciated. Not only that I have been assisting my constituents in buying GCE forms for the past 4years now, every year i buy close to 200 forms and distribute to prospective students. We equally give them training, that is coaching classes to prepare them for the exam. Another high point is the computer training programme for my people, it has been running for years, we have over 2,500 graduands from that programme. We also did Make-up/Headgear tieing programme to assist those that want to take that as their profession after looking for jobs for years. We trained them as well as empower them with the kits they will use. On my primary assignment which is legislative duties, I have done well, moving lots of Motions. Hopefully my Bill will be passed at the 9th Assembly, its about how Bureau de Change operators in the state will be well registered and regulated by the state so that the state can benefits from there operation to increase the internally generated revenue of the state.. For representation, I have really fought for my people on several occasion, when Alamutu market was closed down i intervened and consulted with the Governor to make sure it was reopened. When over 213 members of my constituency were arrested in Akala, I also intervened to make sure all of them were released.
Do you see some of this achievement as a big edge ahead of other contestant?
There is what we called Unique selling Point USP, my accessability has always be my USP my people have free access to me and apart from that the experience have garnered over the years is a huge plus for me, none of my co-contestant possesses it, I already know in and out of legislative duties.
What are some of the things you still has in plans for the people if you are able to win the re-election?
I hope to achieve that Bill on regulations of Bureau De Change so that we can increase our IGR in Lagos, I also hope to start free bus transport for my constituents, it will also be taking students to school, infact it wont be limited to my Constituency because it will run from Oshodi to Lagos Island.
How do you plan to achieve some of this things considering the short of funds available?
Like I said initially, we collaborated with some agencies to achieve some of the programmes, this time around we will do the same apart the ones we will fund on our own. For instance, the Make-up programme we did was funded by one of member of my constituency just like a support, we are expecting more of that.
How much time do you have for you family, constituency and primary assignment now?
He who want to serve must be ready to make sacrifices, in the family they know the job we do. My constituency office is also open everyday apart from Sunday’s, that is why people believe we are the most accessible in the history , we thank God for that.
The smooth relationship that exist between members of Lagos State Assembly has continue to improve much unlike before, what is the magic?
There is no magic there, its all about good leadership, the Speaker, Rt. Hon Obasa has proved to be a good administrator, that is why the result has been good. This is a man that will go extra mile to satisfy his colleagues regardless of any issue. He has been around for long so he understand how to carry everybody along without rancour, he has mastered the job.
How would you rate the performance of the 8th Assembly?
I will boldly say its excellent, especially in terms of legislative bills that we passed, they have been very impactful in the state. Before now, Lagos State University used to have succession problems but since we passed a bill to give the Vice Chancellor single term there has not been such issue again. When we talk of kidnapping, we came up with a bill and passed it which has helped to nip kidnapping in the bud in the state. We have also re-engineer the financial income of Lagos State through various bills we passed. Lots of such achievement has been recorded by the 8th Assembly.
How would you rate your popularity at the moment considering while you are not in office and now?
I used to be a timid person, very shy individual but the political name Omititi that people gave me has really brought me out of my shell. When I go out to event, people will be asking, are you the one called Omititi, I think its because the names connotes a strong person who can shake ground. Many even taught my surname is Omititi, we give glory to Almighty Allah. Not that people have not known be before but because of my sterling performance in the House, it has really soared my popularity.
What is the relationship between you and leaders of your Party in your Constituency
Very cordial and I thank God for that.
What kind of future do you see for yourself in Politics?
I commit my political career to Almighty Allah, that has been my strength to this height so He His in charge.