Who Is Afraid Of Decamped Uche Ekwunife? The Tony Oneweek’s Angle!


Hon. Tony Oneweek Muonagor, member Anambra State House of Assembly, Awka was recently misinterpreted when he posted a piece on his Facebook Wall about his opinion on Uche Ekwunife, the former PDP powerful woman who  recently decamped to APC.

In his write-up, he did ask if someone somewhere is nurturing fear of being defeated by the powerful eastern politician. Though, no name is mentioned, there are strong indications that Umeh is afraid of her. “Who Is Afraid Of Ekwunife?. I have observed with dismay the number of people who criticized the recent decamping of Uche Ekwunife from PDP. Some even antagonized the APC for “accepting” Ekwunife. Haba!. Some unnecessarily call her terrible names. Too bad. Take it or leave it, this woman has achieved exploits on this earth and has written her name in the sands of time. Can u name the big fishes of Anambra/Nigerian politics without mentioning her? It’s her effort. “She gallivants from party to party” they say, instead of saying “She succeeds from party to party”. “Nwata chuba nke ya, odika omelu ajo ife”. For every objective mind, Ekwunife has been a successful politician.