Who  Can Bail Me Out of  This Trouble (5)?


I was more or less the leader when it comes to the art of toasting a babe based on the many times I had conquered a babe. The boys trusted me so much so that whenever they had trouble talking to a girl or getting her to fall for them, they would come to me. I would give them the necessary tips to conquer the hard to get babe.

But there was one particular girl that made a ridicule of my reputation and shattered my confidence. Her name was Princess. She was a true beauty, possibly the most beautiful girl I had ever set my eyes on. She was tall, very fair in complexion and had a figure that got heads turning in her direction whenever she walked past. Her boobs were not so big but they were full and round. You could tell from the way boobs stood firmly on her chest whenever she walked that her breasts were still full of life, had plenty of substance, not the flat and sloppy ones most girls carry about these days. Without a doubt, Princess was the hottest babe in the neighbourhood, the girl every guy desired to make his own but none had the liver to walk up to her. Princess was not just pretty, she was also from a rich home, guys knew they had to be careful with this one because it was going to be difficult to entice her by dangling some ‘juicy carrots’ before her. Her parents had money. She was the best dressed babe in the neighbourhood and she could afford to go to any choice eatery or hangout she desired without waiting for a man to take her there. So, how then do you get the attention of such a babe? Then, I decided I would give it a shot. I would conquer the Princess every guy couldn’t dare to confront. So, I began to watch out for her, waiting for the day she would be taking a walk down the street and I would approach her.

Finally, the day came. I was with a couple of my friends when she walked past us and one of them nudged me on the arm to draw my attention to her. I immediately got the message. He was reminding me of my plan to conquer Princess. I promptly left my friends and walked up to Princess. I was not looking bad on this particular day. I was dressed neatly and looked nice enough to attract some admiration from any babe.

“Hello, pretty one,” I said to Princess as I caught up with her, using my sexiest tone.

She merely took one cold look at me, hissed loudly and continued walking.

That surprised me somewhat. First time I would get that sort of treatment from a girl.

“Hey, sweetheart, I am saying hi to you…”

“Will you get out of my sight this minute!” Princess barked at me. Her cute eyes had turned hard and cold. “How dare you walk up to me and open that dirty mouth of yours to talk to me!” She looked past me and saw my friends walking not too far behind us and obviously paying rapt attention to what was transpiring between the two of us.

“Oh, I can see what’s happening now. You want to prove to your friends you can toast me, right? You? You want to be my boyfriend? Who do you think you are? You’re nothing but a dreamer! Next time you try this nonsense with me, I will humiliate you right before your friends. Now, get the hell out of my sight!” I didn’t wait a minute a moment more, I scampered away from her with my tail in between my legs as my friends laughed and mocked me silly. And from that moment, I am yet to recover my full confidence whenever I needed to approach a lady I desired….    

She walked over to Jennifer, then put her arm across her waist and whispered a few words into her ears. I just had about 80 seconds to pass before I joined them outside. 

“Who’ am l to intercede in a prince and princess’ meeting”. Prisca teased. 

“Permission to leave, please .•. ”  

Her gesticulators and the flow of her words was the simple tonic we needed to get us flowing. The short interval of amusement created the  needed avenue for me to  liberallse our discussion. I threw my arm II- across the iron bar adjacent me, tilting my’ weight slightly in that direction. The smile on my face narrowed down to a  broad grin and I shook my head passionately.  

“Jennifer”, I called ‘out, pausing briefly to assess her reaction. “I don’t really’ know what to say to you. But the simple truth is that you’ve taken over my ‘heart. I can’t explain why and how it happened. I flipped my arms in the air submissively, carrying with it an engulfing air of emotion. The sincerity in my heart, pumping out tunes of compassion rocked her wall of defence, leaving the usual film of feminine obstinacy. Jennifer had one reason or the other to keep me posted. I have never
been one to easily give up, not when I was-convinced that Jennifer just wanted to play tough. I kept pressing on, consolidating my seriousness, Prisca was always there to urge me on. 

“Ken, just give her some time, I’m very much convinced that you’re the best thing that can happen to her social life. She just wants to  be sure all she’s gathered about you is true”. 

She patted my back. “I can’t wait to see both of you going out together. Your compatibility is what amazes me most.” 

“Thanks for your concern. I really don’t know what I’d have been able to do without you and Ben”. I managed weak chuckle. “Prisca”, I called you suddenly changing my composure. 

She glanced at me sharply, wondering what I wanted to say. 

  • Jennifer is hurting me so bad. I’ve never had such emotional stress all my life. I don’t know if it’s now a crime to fall in love with someone, is it?” •Come on … just try and take things easy. Free your mind a bit and you’ll be better off”. She consoled using her warm jokes to brighten me. 

The semester was gradually approaching its critical period. The examination is just three weeks away with the rash academic 

environment carried with it. Everything was at its peak and even the ants crawling on the floor were conscious of that, but one thing seemed to sing a different tune, apparently indifferent of events – my mind. My spirit was actually at its lowest ebb, I was enveloped in a maze of psychological anarchy.