“We Set Up Oranmiyan Dynasty Organization to Boost Agriculture, Housing, Other Sectors” …Hon Jimoh Ibrahim

"We Set Up Oranmiyan Dynasty Organization to Boost Agriculture, Housing, Other Sectors" ...Hon Jimoh Ibrahim

Hon. Jimoh Ibrahim

A new group, Oranmiyan Dynasty Organisation (ODORG), has been formed to revamp the dwindling agricultural feat of the south west Nigeria as well as provide low cost housing for sundry disadvantaged Nigerians, yearning for shelter.


The group, it was learnt, would also delve into the health and educational sectors of the country, with a view to sanitise and revamping them through supports and collaborations.

Malaysia based businessman, Hon Jimoh Ibrahim, who is CEO of Nish Logistics Global and Shipment Services and Convener of the group, said the formation of the Oranmiyan Dynasty Organisation came as a response to the present pillaging of the Yoruba vast developmental prowess which placed the race at the fore-front in the twilight of civil rule in Nigeria.

“The Yoruba race are at the fore-front of developmental projects in Nigeria, culminating to the establishment of the first radio station in Africa, the cocoa house, the legendary free education programme as championed by the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, among others,” he said.

According to him, the Yoruba race attained those lofty feats through revenues generated majorly from agriculture and was able to earn a lot of first in the areas of education, industrialization and physical development.

Ibrahim, who floats a Foundation christened Oranmiyan Foundation and proprietor of Nish Crystal International School, Lagos, promised that the Oranmiyan Dynasty Organisation is poised to revive the Yoruba agricultural, health and education sectors through provisions of aids and equipment to encourage the teeming youth back to near perfection in their chosen endeavours.
He said the group will also seek aids to help low earning Nigerians who yearn to have a house of their own, achieve such, through low interest mortgage that will help them realise their dreams.

“Today, we speak to men and women across nations, we speak to Yoruba people in the heavily impoverished ancient communities of the vast Yoruba country, the fishermen, the hunters of our great forests, the farmers of the hilly countryside, the haggling fishermen and women, the seafarers, the herbs men, traders, toil-worn workers in the vast factories, awed young girls, students, haves and the have-nots that collectively face the scorching living conditions, that Oranmiyan Dynasty Organisation has come to rejig our society into sanity.

“It is our aim, as a group, to revive our cultural values, our tradition while we roll up our sleeves to confront the nagging poverty currently staring us in the face in the midst of plenty,” Ibrahim said.


According to him, the present situation in the south west called for sober reflection as ‘poverty now walks on four legs in a nation that was once filled with milk and honey.”

Ibrahim who told our correspondent that the ODORG members spread across continents with headquarters in Nigeria, says the primary objective of the organization would be to see to the alleviation of poverty among the south west people through soft loans for petty traders, promotion of agriculture among the younger generation through the introduction of mechanized farming and distribution of seeds and farming aids that would boost proceeds.

Already, vast land has been secured at Osun, Ekiti, Oyo and Ogun states, by the group, to commence mechanised farming, aimed at addressing the food needs of people in the country.

Urging the support of Nigerians and particularly the south west people, Ibrahim called for a dogged approach to liberate the race from “those hostile to our values, our custom, our faith and our collective destiny,” noting that “it is time to rise up and break the excruciating chain of repression and melancholy.”