US Based Nigerian Singer, Yinka Rythmz’s New Song, ‘More Than Somebody’, Makes Waves

US Based Nigerian Singer, Yinka Rythmz's New Song, 'More Than Somebody', Makes Waves

Mr Somebody
Yinka Rythmz, lyrically known as Mr. Somebody is a Nigerian, born USA based music star. The award-winning and Atolase of West Coast is cooking something great for his teeming fans both home and abroad.
The multiple talents dude is currently working on a multi-million project, a song titled ‘More Than Somebody’, an EP album and a short musical movie produced and directed by Akin Alabi Films.
In this brief chat with RAHMAN IS’MAIL, Mr. Somebody speaks about the project and what his teeming fans should expect from the new production.
We learnt that you are cooking something new that would soon be at the public domain. Could you tell us about it?
Rashan Music international is currently working on a multi million project titled “More Than Somebody” MTS. Its an EP album produced by OSM Production and a musical short movie produced and directed by the Legendary Akin Alabi films.
The project is being recorded in Nigeria and USA, featuring quite a number of Legendary Poets, Hip hop artist, and RnB Artists.
The visual aspect is being shot at major tourist locations in Nigeria, Finland and Washington DC.
When are we expecting it?
Early 2021, spring season to be precise.
How did you arrive at the title ‘More Than Somebody’?
I was born by Mr. Somebody. Then I became Omo Somebody. Omo Somebody was tested with a lot of responsibilities and some atrocities of life which made him Mr. Somebody through the journey of life.
 There are many things I have to overcome which made me realize that I’m not just a regular person. I’m not just Somebody, I am More than Somebody.
We also gathered that the project would be shot in Nigeria, Washington DC and Finland. What is the reason for the three locations?
I can’t spill too much but the reason for these three major significant locations will be revealed when this wonderful project that focused on my Originality and My perspective as an Entertainer, as a Husband, as an entrepreneur, as a businessman and as a father will be well delivered and I hope my fans and friends all over the world will joyfully be satisfied.
You mentioned featuring legendary poets in the project, what is the reason behind it?
Laughs… It’s part of who I am
More Than Somebody, you can’t have a delicacy without Ingredients.
The project, no doubt would gulp millions of dollars, how did you intend to get the funds back, knowing that the industry is not striving much like it used to be?
The crazy thing about this project is that, not only the investors on this project are targeting Music lovers. The project is also targeting movie and cinema lovers.
The Marketing Director of Rashan Music International are busy working on drawing the plan on how, what and when to introduce a new implementation which is well planned for the MTS project.
Could you tell us some of the R and B artists that featured in the project?
That is top secret! I don’t want to divulge it. But Yinka Rythmz is definitely a featured artiste.