Toyin Saraki Angry Over Offensive Social Media Post


Founder, Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Mrs. Toyin Saraki   last week tweeted a picture  that later gave birth to controversy.

‘We are both concerned about the spread of misinformation in Nigeria. It’s so important to have a dual cybersecurity mindset—I’m concerned about the onslaught of health misinformation, and it is personal: some conspirators even use the likenesses of public figures to spread it’ she wrote.

A twitter user @omoalhajailorin however tweeted the picture and gave it a caption that has gotten  Toyin Saraki annoyed.

‘Conversation between Bukola Saraki and his wife

Bukola : My wife,  see how Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is performing and giving freedom to the people we enslaved.

Toyin Saraki : Na wao. How far about our family friend Hushpuppi?  @omoalhajailorin wrote.

Toyin Saraki in her reaction to the offensive tweet accused Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s foot soldiers  of being the author.

‘Highly disappointed to see this astonishing example of irresponsible fake news & deliberately defamatory disinformation being spread by the openly tagged social media stable of HE Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq @RealAARahman & Rafiu Ajakaye  @rafiuajakaye.

Interestingly, on Monday this week, I had discussed the need to curb the nefarious scourge of irresponsible social media operators using the likenesses of public figures in spreading misinformation. would certainly hope that after this, I will not have cause to re-issue my cease and desist warning to Kwara Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, to ensure that his ‘loving supporters’ stop their repulsive and malicious targeting of my person, in their social media falsehoods.

Rather, they should work towards repairing the sound moral values for which Kwarans are known. The spirit and good nature of the people of Kwara should be a guiding light for its leadership. Indeed, as Kwara State, and the rest of Nigeria struggles to combat and contain the loss of lives to #COVID19,

I will expect all social media aware citizens to devote themselves to positive social and behavioural change communications in the common quest of saving lives’ she wrote on twitter-Akinlolu Abayomi