Top Yoruba Music Marketer Arrested In US For Drug Trafficking!


Addiction, particularly to drugs, does not discriminate. It affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Talking about reasons that contribute specifically to drug addiction among the wealthy, the most apparent reason rich people get involved with drugs and alcohol is the easy access to money. However, this can come at great costs, just as it has happened in the case of an Ibadan, Southwest Nigerian born popular music label owner, who is currently held in prison in America awaiting trial for drug crimes.


A very reliable source confided in Global Excellence magazine that, the multimillionaire music marketer whose first name starts with the 12th alphabet and ends with the 9th, was nabbed at the Kennedy Airport, New York in 2017.


The source told Global Excellence magazine that the accused was for many years on the wanted list of the American drug enforcement agency until 2017 when he travelled to Saudi Arabia on lesser hajj and landed in the hands of the American security agents.


For easy identification, the marketer whose business name bears a similarity to the Yoruba meaning for parachute, was married to one of the daughters of a first class Yoruba monarch who himself was a leading music marketer.


The said monarch’s daughter died in an auto accident on her way from Ibadan to Lagos on Tuesday 25th of October, 2016.


According to the source, the security officials had picked up some Nigerians and White Americans for the illicit trade and the music marketer was allegedly named as their godfather. Having got the hint, the source said, the marketer cleverly avoided visiting America until the ill-fated trip to Humrah.

-Akin Alade